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Alara and the Jar of Pickles

I read on an Orville Fan Page on Facebook that Alara gave Ed an unopened Jar of Pickles signifying that she'll be back to open that jar of pickles for Ed. What do you guys think? Will Alara be back for future episodes?

Will Alara Come Back to The Orville's Future Seasons.
  • Yes, Alara will come back.
  • No, Alara will not come back.
  • She will come back only as guest appearances.
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• 1/10/2019

Almost Everybody at Least a Lieutenant

I notice almost every rank character we've seen in the series so far is at least a Lieutenant. I think we've only met one Ensign so far. So not many newly Union Point graduates is assign to the Orville. Just commenting on that.

Captain Mercer

Commander Grayson

Lieutenant Commander Bortus

Lieutenant Commander (originally Lieutenant) Lamarr

Lieutenant Commander Finn

Lieutenant Commander Newton

Lieutenant Kitan

Lieutenant Malloy

Lieutenant Yaphit

Lieutenant Dann

Lieutenant Tyler

Lieutenant Unk

Lieutenant Park

I only remember Ensign Turco.

I know I missed some but most are just extras and most were also at least Lieutenant.

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• 12/31/2018

There should be a planet called Jaconda.

Jaconda is the home planet of the Jacondans and is a verdant world overseen by a Mestor (Jacondan planetary title for supreme leader of Jaconda).

Jacondans are a race of bird-like humanoids from Jaconda. Jacondans are humanoids with large, pointed noses, grey skin, feathers instead of hair and small horns growing from their brows. These feathers came in a wide variety of styles and lengths and grew in the same places as eyebrows, moustaches and beards. They reproduced by laying eggs.

They're are aware of Retepsians and Krill.

Jacondan ships are equipped with rudimentary quantum drives (i.e. their ships can only go 5 light years per 10 hours, and have deflector screens as well as tractor beams.)

Jaconda exists further away from Union space.

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• 12/31/2018

Lieutenant Janel Gillis Should Be a Krill Spy

Since Lieutenant Janel Gillis and Teleya are played by the same actress (Michaela McManus) I think they should have a storyline where they are actually one of the same and that Gillis is an actually Krill spy. For those who may not remember, in Season 1, Ed and Gordon impersonated as Krills and infiltrated a Krill ship to steal the Krill holy book. Ed became friend with a Krill name Teleya, but became enemies after he killed everyone aboard the Krill ship. In Season 2 premier tonight, we first introduced to Lieutenant Janet Gillis, a normal human being, who at the end seems to hint to be interest in Ed. The storyline will be kind of reverse of Season 1. Teleya impersonate as Gillis, a human, to board, the Orville. She pretends to be in love with Ed to sabotage the Orville. But of course she isn't successful. Probably Kelly will step in to stop her.

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• 12/19/2018

Questions for Seth?

Do you have questions for Seth Macfarlane? Fandom may be asking Seth a few questions about The Orville this Thursday. Think about fun and interesting questions that you'd like to personally know, and especially any questions that could be posed from the unique perspective of this fan community -- it's okay to ask deep cut stuff about characters, lore, world-building, etc. Just drop your Qs in the comments. Thanks!

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• 12/13/2018

Season 2 Trailer!
Comic-Con 2018 Official Trailer: THE ORVILLE | Season 2 | THE ORVILLE
Comic-Con 2018 Official Trailer: THE ORVILLE | Season 2 | THE ORVILLE YouTube
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• 12/5/2018

Community Feeds

Hey there!

Fandom is looking for communities to help us test and grow a new feature. I've volunteered us because I believe The Orville Wiki would be great in this test, because we can expect there to be a lot more activity soon due to the new season. At this stage, it does not make major changes in how the wiki operates; but is meant to unify some of the parts of the community where we see more fans.

This new feature can be described like this: It’s a new dynamic landing page for a community that shows what is currently happening in a more dynamic way than our traditional main page or mobile main page. Visitors to the community will see a feed informing them about what content is new or newly changed on the wiki, and what’s being discussed in Discussions.

Users can directly contribute to that feed by adding a post, images, links or a poll themselves. This landing page will also link to Special:Community as a way to guide new readers to editing, and it will contain links to the wiki’s most popular articles. The feature is called Community Feeds.

You can see a preview of this feature on the mobile version of a couple of early preview communities, for example on the Fortnite Wiki or the Horror Wiki. The new feature is currently only available on mobile, so make sure to check out these links on your phone instead of a desktop computer, otherwise you'll see nothing new!

Please also note that this new feature is still in development, and so some things are still missing or not in their final shape yet. We (at Fandom) are working on new components that will "feed" the Feed and live on the page. The user community will be able to tell us exactly what they like about this feature and what they don’t like, helping us make this as useful and fun as possible. I'm counting on you to provide some good feedback, from your perspective; I would not have opted The Orville Wiki into this experience if I didn't think it was a good fit for us. Only a handful of communities will be able to preview Community Feeds at this early stage, so your input will have a lot of weight in the development process!

In the coming weeks, we’ll enable Community Feeds. Visitors will start seeing it when they enter from the base address []. They’ll be able to contribute something to the community right there, on the first page they land on, which will hopefully motivate more of them to stay and be active members.

You can add to the feed yourself, if you want, or just see your regular wiki edits automatically appear in it. Having this project running on our wiki will give Fandom valuable data and insights into how users use this feature and how well it works.

I'm also hoping to hear directly from you, the community members! Feel free to tell me or this thread directly what you think of the new feature, what’s missing and what should work differently. This will help shape the feature for a wider release later on. If you don't care either way, though, we can also just switch on the feature and you don't need to do a single thing - you can just let the test run.

Thanks, and I'll see you soon. The new season will be here before you know it.

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• 10/28/2018

Ambassador Page Consensus


Me and my fellow Administrator UnionPointDropout appear to be in the middle of a disagreement over if the Navarian and Bruidian ambassadors (who appeared in the episode Cupid's Dagger) warrant their own designated Wiki pages or not.

A lot of arguments have been presented by both of us the last few days in this discussion thread, with UnionPointDropout supporting their creation and me opposing them. After days of debate it seems like the two of us are at an impasse for how to proceed here and wish to give the community a chance to weigh in and, if possible, help form a potential compromise

It is strongly advised one reads myself and UnionPointDropout's discussion before contributing to this Consensus, in order to get an understanding of both of our arguments and positions. In addition, we emphasize dialogue over votes. Let's try to keep this Consensus a forward thinking discussion as opposed to simply "yes" or "no" vote.

Thank you.

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• 8/19/2018

Update to General Guidelines Consensus


I'd like to update the General Guidelines with some policies regarding News Reporting. I've written up a draft in my sandbox (link below) about how it could possibly look.

Before it can be added though I'd like to get community approval and start a discussion if anything else should be added, redacted, etc, or if the draft is perfect as is.

Thank you.
Blizzard1289/Sandbox The Orville Wiki
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• 7/18/2018

Minor Cast Member hyperlinks should direct to IMDb pages (Consensus)


Something I've noticed is that the Orville Wiki has a lot of redlinks for minor cast member pages, especially all over our episodes articles. Trying to tackle this has lead to further problems of the Wiki gaining a significant amount of stub pages as a response to this. Overall, our current system for dealing with minor cast members doesn't seem to be very sustainable for one reason or another.

I propose a solution.

On episode articles, instead of hyperlinking the name of a minor cast member (someone who plays an unnamed character), we instead simply plug in their IMDb page. That has all the information users wanting to research the actors could ever want, and is laid out in a way that would likely be better than anything we could draw up. It would also serve to reduce the amount of redlinks editors are pressured to get rid of and would tone down on the amount of "short pages" on the Wiki.

I've already tested my proposed method out on the If the Stars Should Appear page.

What do you say, community? If this passes I will make the necessary changes to the Manual of Style.
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• 5/6/2018

Using notes in addition to references

Adding a notes section to your page is a great way to add circumstantial information a neat way that won't clog up your references. To add notes to a page, open the page in Source editing. For the notes section at the base, put:

<references group="n" />

The fastest way to add notes is to go ahead and add notes as you would with references by clicking the Reference button in edit mode. Then, in Source edit, change the reference tag <ref> to <ref group="n">.

If you have a lot of them, it's easier to just copy past.
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• 4/8/2018
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• 4/6/2018

Usage of "Cast" infobox, plus the Actor infobox

Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but it's something I want to mention/talk about.

I've noticed that a lot of the show's crew are being given the "Cast" infobox. Now it's great that we're adding more info to their pages, but might it be better to rework this info box to reflect who they're given info about?
First off they're not cast, they're crew.
Secondly, I doubt their first and last appearances need to be tracked since they're behind the scenes people. We could have a section in the person's article saying which episodes they worked on, and doing what.

I've also noticed that there's an Actor infobox. All-in-all great, but it needs to have the IMDB and Wikipedia fields like the Crew infobox above does, so the actors' pages have the same info/links available as the crew that we've been adding.

Also, in the "cast" infobox, the imdb_id needed is just the numbers in the link, and the wikipedia item just needs the name of the article.
Using Robert Duncan McNeill as an example, his imdb link is: so his imdb_id is 0000536
For his wikipedia page, the link is
but the infobox only requires the last section: Robert_Duncan_McNeill
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• 3/5/2018

PaleyFest Google App Art Poll

The Paley Center has provided us with art visually inspired by the officers of the Orville. Which do you think best reflects each crew member?

See the pieces for yourself at
Which art piece best shares the essence of the matched crew member?
  • Ed Mercer / "A Portrait of Thomas Hope.."
  • Kelly Grayson / "Innovation_2"
  • Gordon Malloy / "Pijprokende man.."
  • Claire Finn / "Halbindianerin mit Früchten"
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This post is locked.
• 2/23/2018

Administrator Nomination: UnionPointDropout


I would like to propose that UnionPointDropout, a current Content Moderator for the Wiki, be promoted to Administrator.

UnionPointDropout has done huge amounts of edits in the past. Some of his notable deeds include fleshing out pages like John LaMarr and Bortus, he has also written extensive summaries for all of the current episodes in the series. He frequently posts news articles and the latest information available for Season 2 in addition to helping advertise alongside our official account on Twitter.

There was a discussion weeks ago about granting Administrator tools that ultimately failed due to a few areas UnionPointDropout still needed to work on. However, I'm happy to say in this time he has made excellent improvements. He constantly responds to his talk page messages, rarely (if ever) redlinks unnecessary pages anymore, frequently participates in community discussions, and even when he occasionally does make mistakes handles them maturely and without any issues.

I think he's ready to receive Administrator tools if the community agrees with my sentiments.

Let's talk.
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• 2/22/2018

PaleyFest: Where The Orville Meets Google App Art: Dr. Claire Finn

Dr. Finn. Serious strength of, well, everything, in all times, all places.
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• 2/22/2018

PaleyFest: Where The Orville Meets Google App Art: Lt. Gordon Malloy

The resemblance is almost frightening, yes? Time traveling maybe.
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• 2/22/2018

PaleyFest: Where The Orville Meets Google App Art: Kelly Grayson

Here's Kelly Grayson, gracing the walls of a museum in Amsterdam.
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• 2/22/2018

PaleyFest: Where The Orville Meets Google App Art: Ed Mercer

Orville Fans: Seth and much of the cast of The Orville will be in person at PaleyFest LA, on March 17. I'm Ellen at the Paley Center, and we've made some art around that appearance that we thought you would enjoy. Seth and the show have retweeted this!
Post image
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• 2/13/2018

New major character joins The Orville in Season 2

Jessica Szohr has confirmed that she will be joining the second season of The Orville as a series regular. Hmm, perhaps some relationship drama between Mercer, Grayson, and her?
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