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Update to General Guidelines Consensus


I'd like to update the General Guidelines with some policies regarding News Reporting. I've written up a draft in my sandbox (link below) about how it could possibly look.

Before it can be added though I'd like to get community approval and start a discussion if anything else should be added, redacted, etc, or if the draft is perfect as is.

Thank you.
Blizzard1289/Sandbox The Orville Wiki
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Minor Cast Member hyperlinks should direct to IMDb pages (Consensus)


Something I've noticed is that the Orville Wiki has a lot of redlinks for minor cast member pages, especially all over our episodes articles. Trying to tackle this has lead to further problems of the Wiki gaining a significant amount of stub pages as a response to this. Overall, our current system for dealing with minor cast members doesn't seem to be very sustainable for one reason or another.

I propose a solution.

On episode articles, instead of hyperlinking the name of a minor cast member (someone who plays an unnamed character), we instead simply plug in their IMDb page. That has all the information users wanting to research the actors could ever want, and is laid out in a way that would likely be better than anything we could draw up. It would also serve to reduce the amount of redlinks editors are pressured to get rid of and would tone down on the amount of "short pages" on the Wiki.

I've already tested my proposed method out on the If the Stars Should Appear page.

What do you say, community? If this passes I will make the necessary changes to the Manual of Style.
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Using notes in addition to references

Adding a notes section to your page is a great way to add circumstantial information a neat way that won't clog up your references. To add notes to a page, open the page in Source editing. For the notes section at the base, put:

<references group="n" />

The fastest way to add notes is to go ahead and add notes as you would with references by clicking the Reference button in edit mode. Then, in Source edit, change the reference tag <ref> to <ref group="n">.

If you have a lot of them, it's easier to just copy past.
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Usage of "Cast" infobox, plus the Actor infobox

Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but it's something I want to mention/talk about.

I've noticed that a lot of the show's crew are being given the "Cast" infobox. Now it's great that we're adding more info to their pages, but might it be better to rework this info box to reflect who they're given info about?
First off they're not cast, they're crew.
Secondly, I doubt their first and last appearances need to be tracked since they're behind the scenes people. We could have a section in the person's article saying which episodes they worked on, and doing what.

I've also noticed that there's an Actor infobox. All-in-all great, but it needs to have the IMDB and Wikipedia fields like the Crew infobox above does, so the actors' pages have the same info/links available as the crew that we've been adding.

Also, in the "cast" infobox, the imdb_id needed is just the numbers in the link, and the wikipedia item just needs the name of the article.
Using Robert Duncan McNeill as an example, his imdb link is: so his imdb_id is 0000536
For his wikipedia page, the link is
but the infobox only requires the last section: Robert_Duncan_McNeill
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PaleyFest Google App Art Poll

The Paley Center has provided us with art visually inspired by the officers of the Orville. Which do you think best reflects each crew member?

See the pieces for yourself at
Which art piece best shares the essence of the matched crew member?
  • Ed Mercer / "A Portrait of Thomas Hope.."
  • Kelly Grayson / "Innovation_2"
  • Gordon Malloy / "Pijprokende man.."
  • Claire Finn / "Halbindianerin mit Früchten"
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Administrator Nomination: UnionPointDropout


I would like to propose that UnionPointDropout, a current Content Moderator for the Wiki, be promoted to Administrator.

UnionPointDropout has done huge amounts of edits in the past. Some of his notable deeds include fleshing out pages like John LaMarr and Bortus, he has also written extensive summaries for all of the current episodes in the series. He frequently posts news articles and the latest information available for Season 2 in addition to helping advertise alongside our official account on Twitter.

There was a discussion weeks ago about granting Administrator tools that ultimately failed due to a few areas UnionPointDropout still needed to work on. However, I'm happy to say in this time he has made excellent improvements. He constantly responds to his talk page messages, rarely (if ever) redlinks unnecessary pages anymore, frequently participates in community discussions, and even when he occasionally does make mistakes handles them maturely and without any issues.

I think he's ready to receive Administrator tools if the community agrees with my sentiments.

Let's talk.
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PaleyFest: Where The Orville Meets Google App Art: Dr. Claire Finn

Dr. Finn. Serious strength of, well, everything, in all times, all places.
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PaleyFest: Where The Orville Meets Google App Art: Lt. Gordon Malloy

The resemblance is almost frightening, yes? Time traveling maybe.
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PaleyFest: Where The Orville Meets Google App Art: Kelly Grayson

Here's Kelly Grayson, gracing the walls of a museum in Amsterdam.
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PaleyFest: Where The Orville Meets Google App Art: Ed Mercer

Orville Fans: Seth and much of the cast of The Orville will be in person at PaleyFest LA, on March 17. I'm Ellen at the Paley Center, and we've made some art around that appearance that we thought you would enjoy. Seth and the show have retweeted this!
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New major character joins The Orville in Season 2

Jessica Szohr has confirmed that she will be joining the second season of The Orville as a series regular. Hmm, perhaps some relationship drama between Mercer, Grayson, and her?
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The Orville Wiki on Social Media.

Hello Orvillians!

It's the off season and, as to be expected, Wiki activity has slowed to a crawl. I'm not trying to guilt anyone to contributing more than usual, the active contributors have been pulling their weight. Instead, I'd like to talk about doing more to get the Wiki's name out there via Social Media.

The idea is The Orville Wiki could have an Official Twitter Account. I'd set it up and ultimately be the one to operate it. We could use it to advertise featured articles, interact with fans, cast, etc. Social Media is the way of the future and I think we'd be able to build a larger, more substantial following if we could expose our content to more people.

What do you think?

Does anyone have any comments, questions, or concerns with what's been stated here?
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Character synopsis by episode

Hello, I have noticed that the way we do character history is different to other wikias. It works for now, where we describe what happened for each character (on their page) in every episode but what about later when there are 3-4 seasons and/or more characters? Should we maybe change the way we post things and write all that info on the episode's page and not the characters'?
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Season 2 will air in 2018!

Good news, Orvillians. Seth MacFarlane has corrected a previous article as "misreporting." The Orville will air in 2018.

The bad news? The news that there will be a Family Guy crossover was also misreporting.
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Season 2 to be "at least 14 episodes," but won't be till 2019

For you fans already in Orville-withdrawal: devastating news. MacFarlane has announced that the show will not air at all this year. Fans will have to wait till at least early 2019.

The good news? More episodes. At least 14, in fact. "I'd rather do fewer episodes and have them be better content-wise than do 22 and have them be filler."
The Orville Season 2 Will Be Bigger, But We'll Probably Have to Wait for It
The Orville Season 2 Will Be Bigger, But We'll Probably Have to Wait for It
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Scott Grimes leaks info about Season 2 premier

Grimes must not have heard that S01E13 was bumped to S02E01. In a recent interview, he describes details of Season 1's **13** episodes, including a sexually-charged, risque episode involving the Environmental Simulator. This isn't the first time Grimes dripped some info to us: he recently tweeted that Season 2 production begins in February too.

Check the Season 2 page for more information and a link to the interview.
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Getting the shakes. HELP!

When is it returning? Please, somebody give me a date! Nothing on the official web site. I need my fix.
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John LaMarr

I'm really relieved to know that there was more going on with the character of John LaMarr. His story unfolding in "New Dimensions" felts real to me. Before I was confused by this guy and I'm glad to know there was more to him, his ambition and his "self-dumbing". I enjoyed the little bit of backstory and the promise of him being able to grow. This show is great. I'm really looking forward to more.
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Mark Jackson

Anyone else think it would be nice to see mark Jackson get a recurring occasional role in which he isn't Issac? Just every so often, showing up as some other member of the crew, without being restricted to that robot body. Just a thought...
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