Earth 2418

Earth, 2418.

A timeline of events in The Orville. The series begins on September, 2418, 401 years in the future from its real-world premiere on Fox.

Time is measured from the first year of the series. Therefore, to say the Dorahl Bioship embarked "2,000 years ago" means it left home around the year 400 CE.

30,000 Edit

2,000 Edit

  • The Dorahl Bioship embarks on a three-generational trip through the galaxy that turns into a 2,000 year journey.[2]

1937 Edit


  • An unnamed genetic engineer discovers how to target and eradicate individual cancer cells.[4]

2370s Edit


2394 Edit


Late 2396 or Early 2397 Edit

  • A fire breaks out in the Kitan household, sparking a debilitating fear of fire in Alara that leads to the events of Firestorm.[8]




Late 2418 Edit





September-October Edit

October-November Edit

  • Topa receives sex reassignment surgery to become male.[17]

November-December Edit

Late 2419 Edit

  • A team from the Orville is sent to retrieve the missing anthropologists Tom and Lewis. Only Lewis is found.[21]

2420 Edit

Early 2420 Edit

March Edit

Mid-2420 Edit

29th century Edit

  • Pria Lavesque is born.
  • Captured Amelia Earhart lives the remainder of her life.
  • A Benzian antiques collector negotiates for the price of the Orville.


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