Earth 2418

Earth, 2418.

A timeline of events in The Orville. The series starts in September 2418, 401 years in the future from its real world premiere on Fox.

c. 27,581Edit

  • Common ancestors of both the Bruidians and the Navarians lived on Lopovius, as evidenced by their respective DNA samples being found on a birthing bucket.[1]

c. 419Edit


  • A genetic engineer discovers how to target and eradicate individual cancer cells.

2370's Edit

  • Ed Mercer is born.

c. 2388Edit

c. 2396Edit






  • A spiny-skinned alien is added to the Calivon menagerie, Baral is added a few weeks later.[7]



  • Admiral Halsey, on the secret recommendation of Kelly Grayson, offers Ed Mercer command of the mid-level exploratory vessel USS Orville (ECV-197), her previous captain having retired. While personally picking his friend Gordon Malloy to serve as helmsman, Mercer is dismayed to find that Grayson will be joining him as executive officer. Taking off from dockyard, the Orville is sent to deliver supplies to the science station at Epsilon II at the request of Dr. Aronov. Upon arrival however, Mercer learns that the run was a pretext as Aronov request his help against the Krill, who have come to acquire Epsilon's new quantum field technology. After overcoming a Krill destroyer, Mercer is convinced to approve Grayson's transfer to the Orville.[9]
  • Mercer and Grayson are captured by the Calivon, who had lured them with a decoy of the USS Bleriot, and contained in their alien zoo. Left in command as Bortus is tending the egg of his and Klyden's child for a period of three weeks[10], Alara Kitan arranges, with the assistance of Isaac, for the Calivon to return their human specimens by providing them with a selection of Earth's cultural database. Bortus' egg hatches revealing, to his shock, a baby girl, an extremely rare occurance amongst the otherwise all-male Moclans.


  • Following a heated legal and moral clash which saw the revelation that revered Moclan writer Gondus Elden is infact a female named Heveena and that Klyden himself was born a female, the Moclus court nevertheless sees that the baby Topa receives sex reassignment surgery to become male.[11]
  • The Orville discovers the Dorahl Bioship, which they find to be slowly drifting towards star J-2837. Sending a team to save the ship, they find that their leader Hamelac insists that their world is not a ship, to think so otherwise would defy the word of the so-called creator of the universe, Dorahl. Meanwhile, the Orville is forced to break watch on the team to save the colony transport USS Druyan from an attacking Krill destroyer. Ultimately, the true nature of the Bioship is revealed to all when the Orville team uncovers the message of Captain Jahavus Dorahl. The Union fleet is requested to send a special training crew to teach the Bioship's inhabitants to control their flight again.
  • Union anthropologists Lewis and Tom are sent to a correctional facility while performing reconnaissance on Sargas 4; Tom is shot dead when he attempts to escape while Lewis undergoes Social Correction via an electroshock lobotomy.[12]
  • The Orville rescues Captain Pria Lavesque from the mining ship Horizon. In turn, Pria saves the Orville from destruction in a dark matter field. However, the crew ultimately discovers that Pria is an antiques dealer from the 29th century who used a stable wormhole to alter the past and save the Orville from destruction in order to sell it in her own timeline. Her plans are foiled, though, when Captain Mercer orders the wormhole to be destroyed, erasing Pria's existence from the 25th century.
  • The Krill conquer the colony at Chara 3.[13]
  • The Orville engages and destroys the Krill battlecruiser Kakov which had attacked the new colony at Kastra 4, the third Krill attack in a month. With the Orville salvaging a surviving Krill shuttle, Admiral Ozawa orders Ed Mercer to make use of it for an infiltration mission into Krill space, the goal being to obtain a copy of the Krill's bible, Anhkana, the study of which could prove an inroad to peace. Assuming the form of Krill via holographic generators, Mercer undertakes this mission personally alongside Gordon Malloy. Boarding the Krill destroyer Yakar, Mercer and Malloy reproduce a copy of the Anhkana when they discover that the Krill plan to test their prototype neutron field generator by wiping out the colony on Rana 3. Realizing that the Krill's weakness is light, Mercer and Malloy manipulate ship systems to kill the entire crew save for one prisoner and a school of children.


  • A team from the Orville is sent to retrieve the anthropologists, recovering the lobotomized Lewis, on Sargas 4. Unfortunately, while undercover as a civilian, John LaMarr is dealt an excess of 10 million downvotes when he performs a lewd act on a statue of Mella Giffendon. He is only spared correction thanks to the temporary transport of a native to the Orville, who guides Isaac in manipulating the Master Feed to ensure the success of LaMarr's Apology Tour. Lysella is returned home with an advisement from Claire Finn to tell her people that they can do better.[14]
  • Dr. Finn takes her two sons Ty and Marcus via a shuttle piloted by Isaac on a trip to Arboreus Prime only to crash land on an uncharted moon after passing through a class-two spatial fold, leading the Orville to search for them. Barely managing to survive the ensuing confrontation with the desperate natives who had been ravaged by the use of Paloxus in their war, the party is retrieved just in time by the Orville. Kelly Grayson makes a suggestion for the Admiralty to send a medical team to help the people on the moon.

2420 Edit


  • The events of "Firestorm".[15]


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