"Safe travels, Captain." ― Halsey to Ed Mercer[source]
Halsey is an Admiral in the Planetary Union. In the early 25th century, he holds a desk position at Planetary Union Central in New York City on Earth.


Very little is known of Halsey's career, although it is known that before the the present, Halsey worked alongside Kelly Grayson's father. At an unknown point, he is promoted to Admiral. He serves as a mentor to Ed Mercer, having known him since Mercer's days at the academy Union Point.

Old WoundsEdit

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Halsey gives Mercer command of the USS Orville despite his notoriously irresponsible behavior. Halsey made such a decision was because of Grayson's quiet efforts to get Mercer promoted.

Cupid's DaggerEdit

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Halsey calls the Orville to inform them that they will soon be play host to the Bruidians and the Navarians, as well as an archaeologist who will examine the Lopovian birthing bucket to determine which race had a claim to Lopovius.

New DimensionsEdit

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Mercer confronts Halsey after finding out that the Admiral only granted him captaincy thanks to Grayson's pleas. Halsey insists that the reason he was originally promoted is irrelevant, as Mercer proved that he has the talent and skills necessary to successfully lead a Union ship.