Ozawa is an Admiral serving within the Planetary Union and commander of the flagship vessel USS Olympia.



From her ship, the Olympia, Ozawa rendezvouses with the USS Orville after the latter had defeated and destroyed a Krill destroyer, the Kakov, while defending the newly established Union colony on Kastra 4, and captured one of their shuttles intact amongst the wreckage of the cruiser. Rather than sending the shuttle to Union Point, Ozawa ordered Ed Mercer and Gordon Malloy to use the craft to infiltrate a Krill warship with the intention of obtaining a copy of the Krill holy book, the Anhkana, so the Union could try and better understand the Krill.

Mad Idolatry Edit

After the Orville encountered a mysterious planet that spontaneously appeared in their flight path, Mercer reported it to Ozawa, who ordered the Orville to study the planet for the next seventy-two hours before a science vessel could be deployed.

During their next communication, it was revealed that the planet's inhabitants and culture had evolved significantly, its time, relative to our own, had accelerated at a dramatically faster rate when it phased back into its home universe, and that Kelly Grayson had become a central figure of worship, akin to a goddess. Though angry at Mercer for concealing Grayson's contact with the unnamed planet's natives, she forgave it due to the nature of Grayson's contact, and ordered the Orville to avoid contact with the natives until they had achieved space travel, which she expected to occur in less than a month by our own universe's reckoning of time, so the situation could be explained to them.


  • Her name is possibly a reference to Vice Admiral Jisaburō Ozawa.