"Sir, I know I'm not as experienced as you were expecting, but you can count on me." ― Alara Kitan[source]

Alara Kitan is a Xelayan crew member on board the Orville. She is the Chief of Security despite being one of the youngest members on the Bridge. Due to the high gravity of her homeworld Xelaya, Alara possesses superhuman strength and durability.


Alara Kitan joined the Planetary Union military where she was fast tracked to being a Chief of Security. This was done due to the fact Xelayans don't normally join to the same extent as other species. Alara was eventually assigned to work onboard the USS Orville.

Old WoundsEdit

Alara introduces herself to Captain Mercer during Roll Call. She eventually accompanies him to Epsilon II after the Orville is sent to investigate a distress signal sent from Dr. Aronov. After it's revealed that the Orville was only requested to protect against Krill aggression Alara used her super strength to break down a wall and fight off any hostile soldiers.

Command PerformanceEdit

After Captain Mercer and Kelly Grayson go off board to help the USS Blériot and Bortus is busy with his egg, Alara is given control over The Orville as acting Captain.

About a GirlEdit

Alara, like most of the crew is appalled by Bortus' insistence on gender reassignment surgery being performed on his child, Topa. In order to convince Bortus the value of females, Alara is instructed by Captain Mercer and Kelly Grayson to fight the Moclan in a boxing match and use her superior Xelayan strength to prove how strong she, a woman, is compared to him. She does as told yet Bortus refuses to change his position regardless of the fact.

Later in the episode, Alara is called up by Kelly Grayson during the Tribunal to once again show how strong females can be. Alara proceeds to show this by easily crushing a cube constructed of solid titanium, reshaping it into that of a ball. The feat is dismissed by the opposition however when it's explained she is only able to do such a thing because Alara is Xelayan, and that a male member of her species could meld the metal even greater ease.

If the Stars Should AppearEdit

Alara mentioned having recently ended her relationship with a man named Josh due to his discomfort with her superior strength.

She was shot during the mission to the Dorahl Bioship, but recovered, thanks to her Xelayan strength.



Majority RuleEdit

Into the FoldEdit

Cupid's DaggerEdit


Alara undergoes a crisis of confidence when she is momentarily paralysed with fear by a large fireball during a crisis on the ship, delaying her efforts to help an injured crewman. When the man subsequently dies, Alara blames herself and almost resigns her commission. She discovers from talking to her parents that as an infant she was in a house fire, leading to a deep seated fear of fire. Alara uses a simulator to work through various fears, proving to herself that she is capable of doing her job effectively.


Trivia Edit

  • Alara is one of the few non Human characters in The Orville to have an established surname.
  • She is sometimes known as "Kid" by the veteran crew.
  • Whenever she is asked to use her strength to open something heavy, Ed usually asks her "Alara, you wanna open this jar of pickles for me?".
  • Although Alara is usually seen at a station on the bridge, Pria reveals that she also has her own office.
  • At some point between Old Wounds and Command Performance, Alara undergoes a slight change of appearance, gaining eyebrows and losing some prominence to her brow. It is not yet known if an in-universe reason for this will be revealed.
  • In "Old Wounds", she is revealed to be 23, and since this episode takes place in the year 2419, means that she was born in the year 2396.
  • As of Krill she has broken up with Josh, due to him not being able to date her because of how strong she is.

Images Edit

Lt Alara Kitan
Lt Alara Kitan Epsilon II


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