Avis Anhkana

A page of the Anhkana depicting the Krill deity Avis.

The Anhkana is the primary holy text of Krill religion. Because religion motivates nearly all policies in the theocratic Krill society, the Anhkana plays a central role behind their Empire's relations with the Planetary Union.


Though the majority of its content are unknown to the Planetary Union, they have learned over the years that the Krill worship a deity called Avis and the Anhkana is meant to document stories about him and his philosophies.

The central point of the book appears to be this idea that the Krill are superior to every other species in the universe, which is why the Krill tend to see nothing wrong with slaughtering hundreds of thousands of Union colonists in order to field test their newest weapon.

Pages of the Anhkana are shown in the episode Krill and in the book The World of the Orville. It is theoretically possible to transcribe and decipher the pages, though fans have not yet done so.

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