"Orville, this is Doctor Aronov. I am chief of this facility. May I speak to your captain?" ― Aronov[source]
Doctor Aronov is a researcher and director of the Epsilon Science Station on Epsilon 2.[n 1] Aronov oversees all functions and research projects of the facility.

History Edit

Old Wounds Edit

At some point in 2419, Aronov grew suspicious that highly-sensitive technologies at the station had attracted the interest of enemy Krill, and submitted a false request for supplies from the Planetary Union.

By September, the USS Orville responds to Aronov's request. He explains to the Orville ground team that the Epsilon Science Station needs the protection of the Orville lest a time-accelerating device fall into the hands of the Krill.

Aronov did not realize that one of his own researchers, Derek Ashton, was in fact an undercover Krill operative. Ashton summons a Krill destroyer to raid the facility and capture the device. Aronov and the Orville's ground team manage to return with the device to the Orville.

The Orville successfully defeats the destroyer. Aronov is last seen on the bridge of the Orville. He returns to his position at the station shortly thereafter.

Trivia Edit

  • In the original script, Aronov's name was Peter Leonid but was changed sometime before filming for unknown reasons.[1]


Notes Edit

  1. His position title of 'Director' is revealed in The World of the Orville by Jeff Bond. Titan Books. 2018. Pg. 125.

References Edit

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