• Blizzard1289

    Hello fellow Orville fans!

    As some might be aware I've spent the last couple of months writing a blueprint for the Wiki's Manual of Style. Recently it's been completed and now the decision to actually implement this as our first official policy falls upon you, the community, to decide.

    Feel free to read what's written and discuss it within this blogs comment section. On this Wiki we value dialogue and thoughtful action over a simple support/oppose vote. We aren't Sargas 4, there are many more options than just an up or down vote. If there are sections or policies stated in the article that one either doesn't think would benefit our community or doesn't fully understand, do not hesitate to speak your mind and voice your opinion on the matter,…

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  • Bigljbigl


    October 13, 2017 by Bigljbigl
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  • Love Robin

    USS Wilbur?

    October 1, 2017 by Love Robin

    The concept of the USS Wilbur, a sister (or "brother") ship to the Orville, named for the other Wright Brother, was first suggested among some of the online reviewers.

    The suggested idea is for the Wilbur to be crewed by a more competent crew to act as the Orville Crew's foil.

    What ideas would you like to see for the USS Wilbur?

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