Bortus is a Moclan crew member of the The Orville. He comes from a single gender species with abnormal cultural and behavioral attitudes. For this reason Captain Mercer and the rest of The Orville's crew aren't quite sure how to communicate with him.

He has a mate named Klyden who lives onboard the ship alongside him, with their son Topa.


Old WoundsEdit

Command PerformanceEdit

About a GirlEdit

If the Stars Should AppearEdit




  • He is very similar to Spock and Worf, both from Star Trek.
  • In "About a Girl", He states that he and Klyden have been mates for 6 and a half years.
  • In "Krill", he's shown to be able to eat many things, as he is shown to be able to eat a whole ball of wasabi, a bite of a napkin, a bite of a mini cactus plant, and a bite of a glass cup.


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