Brian George is an Israeli-English television, film and voice actor.

He played Doctor Aronov, the chief of the Epsilon Science Station of Epsilon 2, in the pilot episode Old Wounds.

Background Edit

Brian George was born in Jerusalem, Israel as the youngest of four siblings. His parents had emigrated to Israel from India. In 1966, George moved to Toronto for high school, and later attended the University of Toronto for acting.

After matriculation, George joined Second City, a comedy-theater group in Chicago, Illinois. His first acting role was as Francesco in the 1976 television series King of Kensington.

George portrayed Richard Bashir, father of Doctor Julian Bashir, on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Ambassador O'Zaal on Star Trek: Voyager. He has also also appeared in several episodes of The Big Bang Theory as the father of Rajesh Koothrappali.

The Orville Edit

Brian George joined the cast of The Orville as Doctor Aronov, and was first revealed in publicity stills and a promotional video released by Fox in May, 2017.

Appearances Edit