The Bruidians are a species whom were engaged in a long dispute with the Navarians focused on the planet Lopovius within the Planetary Union.


Bruidians appear to be mostly humanoid. They are taller than most species on account of their enlarged craniums and appear to have long hair on their heads, but no eyebrows or lashes. Their skin is light purple, it has a rough and coarse look to it in addition to multiple protruding sharp ends.

Culture Edit

Bruidians are large, "angry, and passionate," and fly spaceships that are "blunt and to the point."[1] They speak a language that is similar to the Navarians', reflecting their common origins.

There is one identified space vessel, the Bruidian ship.


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  • They bathe in salt water, though it is unknown whether this is a biological necessity of the species, or simply a preference.


References Edit

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