"The Calivon are a very technologically advanced race. And they view any species at a lesser technological level as inferior. In the way a sentient being might view an animal. We do not want to engage them in any way." Admiral Tucker[source]
The Calivon are a highly advanced species that see any other species as inferior. They view those species as animals and keep specimens in zoos. Their sector of space is marked as off-limits by the Planetary Union.


The Calivon are one of the most technologically advanced species in the known universe, and because of that view those around them as physically and mentally inferior enough to justify them being imprisoned within a special Zoo on their home world. They catch their victims with special buoys that drift through space for unsuspecting victims, luring them with distress calls to capture new alien specimens. The buoy hacks into the ship's computers and create a customized holograph complex enough to fool the passengers on board with a convincing dialogue and personal history. The specimens are then teleported directly to the zoo. Because of this the Planetary Union has ordered all of its vessels to avoid Calivon space, even if an individual has been taken hostage by one of the Buoys.

After Ed Mercer and Kelly Grayson were abducted by the Calivon, Alara Kitan and Isaac bartered for their freedom by giving the Calivon a collection of Human reality shows from the 21st century to serve as the Human exhibit in their zoo.


Calivon Zoo sketch

A concept sketch of the Calivon Zoo Administrator by the show's wardrobe designer Joseph Porro and illustrator Luca Nemolato.

While the Calivon do possess incredibly advanced technology in comparison to other species, they appear to be biologically organic and physically similar to Union species. All Calivon seen thus far have bright red skin with with yellow eyes. Their ears are long and pointed and their cranium is larger than most other humanoid creatures, possibly implying they have a larger brain than most.


  • The Calivon do not look down on species that have a similar technological progression that they do. One prime example of this is their tolerance of Kaylon.