The Calivon Zoo is a location on the home planet of the Calivon species, where creatures they deem "inferior" to themselves are held inside cells laced with advanced technology to mimic their "natural habitats".


The Zoo was built and maintained by the Calivon to house species who are less technologically advanced, and therefore viewed by the species as inferior. In order to catch attractions the Calivon send out masqueraded traps that lure the desired individual of the "lesser" species into them. Once they get within proximity of the device they are instantly teleported into a holding cell that mimics what the technology deems their most natural habitat.

Each cell has an electrified force field for visitors to glance inside. If any of the attractions attempt to touch the force field or otherwise escaped they are dealt a powerful shockwave knocking them back and discouraging any further attempts.


  • Unnamed alien