Captain is a commissioned officer rank used by many space flight-capable civilizations and organizations including the Planetary Union and the Krill. Captains serve as leading commanders of a vessel. In the Planetary Union, Captain ranks below Admiral and above Commander.

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Captain is the highest-ranking stationed position on board a Union vessel, and boasts final command authority of the ship outside of orders from Union command or if deemed mentally or physically unfit. Captains have the power to command any crewmember or civilian aboard the vessel. In the early 25th century, there are roughly 3,000 active-duty Union captains.

A Captain is the final arbiter of justice within the ship, with powers to physically detain persons in the Brig. For example, in late 2419, Captain Ed Mercer orders Chief of Security Alara Kitan to forcibly detain Pria Lavesque in the Brig after her failed attempt to commandeer the USS Orville. In March, 2420, Mercer interrogates Doctor Claire Finn for the attempted murder of Kitan. He decides to continue to hold Finn in custody on the Brig. Captains also hold the power to initiate criminal justice proceedings against their own crewmembers through court martialling.

A Captain's power is not unlimited as they are subordinate to Union admirals, who oversee multiple vessels, regions, issues, or fleets; and because a captain is responsible for order on their ship, they file regular reports to admiralty. Failure to report or to misreport is a serious offense, and may be punished by a letter of reprimand or stripping outright the rank and title of the Captain.

In extreme circumstances of incapacitation, a Captain may be stripped of command through an extraordinary application of Directive 38 by the Chief of Security. In these instances, the acting Chief of Security can assume total control of the vessel with clearances overriding the Captain's.

The rank of Captain is introduced at the start of the episode Old Wounds, when Admiral Halsey offers the position of Captain of the Orville to Mercer.

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Captain Haros of the Krill destroyer Yakar.

Captain is the highest ranking military officer of a Krill destroyer and possibly other vessel classes, and the highest-known rank within the Krill Empire. Below the rank of Captain is High Priest, who supervises religious affairs aboard a ship, and all other ship personnel.

Like captains of the Planetary Union, a Krill Captain has the authority to conduct all military affairs of the vessel and is responsible for all affairs within the destroyer. Captains seem to command more power than their Union counterparts, with control over the construction of theirs ships. In the episode Krill, Captain Haros reveals that he ordered the ship's sanctum be constructed to resemble the one from his childhood.

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2,000 years before the events of The Orville, Captain Jahavus Dorahl is the last commander of the Dorahl Bioship. He orders the inhabitants to retreat to the ship's inner ecosystem. After the ship is repaired in the year 2419, Reformer Kemka is installed by the Planetary Union as Captain.

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Blavaroch is Captain of a smuggling ship. Prior to his death in 2420, Blavaroch stole weapons from the Krill and sold them within Union space.

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Vega Mining Consortium captains command mining vessels in the frontier of charted space.

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