" implied that you don't think I have the balls to do this job."
"Well, I am your doctor, sir, and if your balls are under par, I'll know.
" Captain Ed Mercer and Dr. Claire Finn[source]
Dr. Claire Finn is a Human crew member on the Orville. She is the Chief Medical Officer of the ship.

Dr. Finn is a seasoned medical officer who has served aboard many Planetary Union vessels, and would be eligible to serve on a heavy cruiser. When she first meets Captain Mercer, she tells him that she likes to become a crew member on the ships that she feels need her the most.

She is the mother of two sons Ty Finn and Marcus Finn.

She is currently being pursued by Yaphit, although she does not return his advances.


Old WoundsEdit

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About a GirlEdit

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Trivia Edit

  • Perhaps in dedication to her position as chief medical officer, Dr. Finn has a green streak of hair on her left side at the front.
  • She has acrophobia, a fear of heights.
  • Claire choose to be a single mother because not only has she always wanted kids, she couldn’t find the right man to be with to have kids.


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