Cupid's Dagger is the ninth episode of The Orville Season 1.

Plot Synopsis Edit

The episode starts with Kelly Grayson singing Karaoke. Before anyone else can follow up her performance she and Captain Mercer are called into a video meeting with Admiral Halsey. Who explains that the two warring species of the planet Lapolbius. That they fight because the two species think they are the natural inhabitants of the land, an ancient artifact was found that if studied would prove whoever was there longer from whatever DNA can actually be found. The Planetary Union requests the Orville hosts a neutral conference with an assigned Forensic Archeologist.

Alara Kitan makes the arrangements for the Shuttlecraft to take him in, finding out soon after that Darulio coincidentally happens to be the Archeologist assigned to study the Artifact. Kelly and Ed are both flustered by this fact and argue about it when they leave for the elevator. Meanwhile, in the Medical Bay Yaphit tries to woo Dr. Finn with flowers and a song, but she as usual rejects him, and Yaphit respects the decision. Kelly goes to clear the awkwardness with Darulio, but after some talking they end up flirting and getting closer to each other. Isaac tells Ed Mercer that the two races Ambassadors are arriving soon and they need to find Kelly as soon as possible, the Kaylon finding her within her quarters. Ed goes to get her and walks in on Kelly having sex with Darulio once again.

Ed tries to remain professional and tells the Ambassadors he wishes for them to come to an agreement that ensures long term peace between the two of them regardless of what is found on the artifact. Later, Kelly and Alara talk about why she originally cheated on Ed with him the first place while Captain Mercer vents to Gordon Malloy about his anger at both of their immature behavior coming to the conclusion that Darulio needs to be simply fired for it. After the Captain tells him he's dismissed from The Orville's service, Darulio explains that he almost found the results they desire from the Artifact. Ed afterwards begins to completely forgive him for his wrongdoings and even asks if they can get drinks later, behaving extremely smitten towards him as he leaves to get ready. Later, Yaphit's quarters are visited by Claire who acts extremely attracted to him which eventually leads to them kissing one another.

Gordon goes to speak to Ed that he should work more on the peace talks but all he appears to be interested in is his "date" with Darulio. Alara and John LaMarr talk about the strange behavior onboard until the Ambassadors start asking for answers on the results of the artifact. Ed and Kelly show no attention to the issue at hand instead both of them doing their best to woo Darulio. This continues while acting Captain Bortus is forced to deal with both races slowly losing patience with each other, continuing to try and get help from Ed and Kelly but neither of them answering the call. Alara finds Ty and Marcus kicked outside of their quarters. She checks out why and finds Claire in the middle of having sex with Yaphit. Alara now frustrated by this insanity talks to Darulio asking for answers. He explains that his species releases a hormone when in heat that causes the behavior she has been witnessing. Isaac and Nurse Park run tests on Darulio and find out that what he's saying is true, not being able to actually synthesize a cure in time. Since he had ran into Yaphit in the hallway it rubbed off on Claire, the reason why her newfound obsession with the Gelatin.

The races now fully impatient believe the conference is a sham and begin sending their own fighter ships after The Orville to start fighting more. Darulio while in bed with Ed Mercer, notices the ships coming outside, Ed says how he doesn't care and wants to be with him regardless but the Archeologist wants to help and offers to use his heat hormones to make the Ambassadors lust after one another and cease the conflict. The hormones eventually ware off and it is discovered by the labs that the artifact has DNA from both races due to them having a common ancestry. As Darulio is making his way out Kelly asks if he was in heat when she slept with him a year before, he simply replies "maybe".


Rob Lowe as Darulio

Trivia Edit

  • A production error that results in a continuity error occurs in this episode. The Planetary Union ship that carries Darulio is USS Olympia (SCV-183), according to the spoken dialogue and the shuttle he arrives on, SCV-183-2. This ship is smaller than USS Orville. However, in (SE01EP06) Episode 6: Krill, it is shown that Admiral Ozawa arrives on the USS Olympia (LCV-529), a heavy cruiser, a larger ship than USS Orville. Thus the show has used USS Olympia as the name of two different Planetary Union ships, one smaller than the Orville, and one larger than the Orville.

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