"I'm sorry, but do you just ride up and down the fricking elevator all day? Is that your fricking job‽" Kelly Grayson[source]
Dann is a Lieutenant and Engineer stationed on the USS Orville. According to Admiral Halsey, he was stationed aboard the Orville prior to the promotion of Ed Mercer as Captain.[1] His species, while common in the Planetary Union, is unknown.

Dann is portrayed by Mike Henry.


Dann suggests to Captain Ed Mercer and Commander Kelly Grayson that the ship should have music in the elevators. With their blessing, Dann adds a selection of music that plays in the ship's elevators.

Months later, Dann is first seen approaching Lieutenants Gordon Malloy and John LaMarr at a farewell reception for Lieutenant Commander Steve Newton. Malloy and LaMarr explain that they have placed a piece of Lieutenant Yaphit in the reception buffet as a practical joke. Dann laughs and hints that he wants to be included in future pranks.

In the same episode, Dann introduces himself to the engineering team, but introductions are cut short when Yaphit calls the activity "stupid."


Dann is a very social and friendly individual, if not a bit awkward and intrusive. He often tries to make friends with other members on board the ship and generally be involved in their conversations. This is especially apparent when he tries to make conversation with Captain Mercer and Commander Grayson while riding in the elevator. Though his behavior is generally tolerated, Mercer and Grayson on different occasions have blown up at him for trying to trying to speak with them at poor times.

Production Edit

Dann and his unnamed alien species were one of the first designed aliens for the show. In November, 2016, Howard Berger - then make-up department head - dressed Dirk Rogers as the alien and presented him to Seth MacFarlane. MacFarlane was impressed and the character Dann was born: "Oh, my God. I love this character. I'm going to write this character into the script."[2]

Initially, MacFarlane wanted Rogers to play Dann but Berger wanted to his co-worker free to work on new design prototypes. Actor Mike Henry was cast in his place, although Rogers does appear as an alien scientist named Samm of the same species in the pilot episode.[2]


  • Dann loves refinishing antique furniture and enjoys banana nut pancakes.[3]
  • Two members of Dann's as yet unnamed species, wearing grey uniforms, can be seen in the background among the crew as Ed Mercer briefs them before the launch of the Orville in Old Wounds, though Dann himself is absent. Another such alien makes a more prominent appearance as a scientist at the Epsilon Science Station.[1]
    • According to Howard Berger, the scientist's name is Samm.[2]
  • Dann picks out the song "The Straight Life" by Bobby Goldsboro for the elevator.[4]


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