"Darulio was there when you weren't." Kelly Grayson to Ed Mercer[source]
Darulio is a Retepsian forensic archaeologist employed by the Planetary Union. Darulio slept with Kelly Grayson and was caught in the act by her husband, Ed Mercer, launching the events of the show.

In the episode Cupid's Dagger, the Planetary Union sends Darulio to examine ancient genetic material in order to settle a dispute between the Navarians and Bruidians.


Most of Darulio's background is unknown other than that he is a forensic archaeologist employed by the Planetary Union.

At some point prior in the year 2418, Darulio meets Kelly Grayson. The two begin an affair that is discovered by Grayson's husband, Ed Mercer, and serves as the initial catalyst of the The Orville.

A year later, Darulio excavates Lopovius, whereupon an ancient birthing bucket is discovered. He is dispatched to the USS Orville to determine the identity of the original manufacturers of the bucket.

Old WoundsEdit

At the start of the series, Mercer catches Darulio and Grayson in bed while Darulio is in the final throes of intercourse. Darulio sprays a blue liquid over himself, the bed, and Grayson; and Mercer exits the apartment in disgust.

Cupid's DaggerEdit

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"I have no excuse, other than the fact that I come from a culture where it is considered rude to turn down sex." ― Darulio to Alara Kitan[source]

The Union orders Darulio to analyze genetic material recovered from a 30,000 year old birthing bucket belonging to the original settlers of the planet Lopovius. Both Bruidian and Navarian species consider themselves the original inhabitants of the planet, and fight protracted bloody wars for control. Darulio holds the artifact on the USS Olympia until the Orville rendezvouses with adequate laboratory instruments for testing.

On board the Orville, Mercer and Grayson (now Captain and Commander of the Orville respectively) and Darulio exchange tense introductions, but the trio agrees to set aside their dispute to achieve peace between the Bruidians and Navarians. Darulio reveals that he has worked on field excavations on Lopovius for the past six months and did not know Mercer was now Captain of the Orville.[1] The three conclude the conversation by shaking hands.

Grayson confronts Darulio in his work station on the Orville, intending to establish professional boundaries between them. However, Grayson finds herself almost irresistibly attracted to him, and the pair have sex in her quarters.

Mercer learns that Grayson is not at her post. He stumbles upon Grayson and Darulio in bed. Furious, Mercer resolves to kick Darulio off the ship, but he too finds himself powerfully attracted to Darulio and changes his mind. Darulio holds several impromptu dates with Grayson and Mercer, both of whom compete for Darulio's attention.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Alara Kitan grows suspicious of Darulio. He confesses that Retepsians exude powerful pheromones while in heat that spark romantic desire upon skin-to-skin contact, and that Grayson and Mercer unwittingly received his pheromones when the trio shook hands.

That night, Darulio sleeps with Mercer, but is disturbed when he realizes that their liaison jeopardized peace negotiations. With the Bruidians and Navarians at the brink of war, the Orville's crew utilize Darulio's pheromones to manufacture a drug that is secretly embedded in the Bruidian ambassador's sweat gland. The respective ambassadors are tricked into shaking the others' hand. In a matter of hours, the two decide to elope and call off hostilities. Back in the laboratory, Darulio identifies the remains recovered from the birthing bucket as both Bruidian and Navarian: the two shared a common ancestor.

After a temporary peace is achieved, Darulio returns to the Olympius. Grayson catches him before boarding and asks whether he was in heat when Grayson had her affair with him. Darulio looks to Mercer before giving an ambiguous answer.


Darulio is an outgoing, personable character. He converses happily with others; ostensibly respects the personal interests of Mercer and Grayson; and offers to recuse himself at the command of Mercer. On the other hand, Darulio knowingly exposes the two to pheromones that alter their neurological chemistry and declines to tell them. When confronted by Kitan, he shows blithe indifference for his actions:

Look, it's harmless. The worst thing that happens is we all have great sex.

It remains to be seen if Darulio was simply irresponsible by withholding such information, or if he truly had no care for Mercer or Grayson's well being.

Production Edit

Like many other aliens in The Orville, the character of Darulio called for full-body makeup. Additionally, the costume required minimal clothing: only blue underwear. Visual Effects Artist Howard Berger later recalled clearing the costume by Rob Lowe, who portrays Darulio: "Rob was like, 'What have I got to lose? I've been at this for so long, I'm in, I'm in.'"[2] Lowe was painted blue with prosthetic scales.


References Edit

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