" implied that you don't think I have the balls to do this job."
"Well, I am your doctor, sir, and if your balls are under par, I'll know.
" ― Captain Ed Mercer and Doctor Claire Finn[source]
Doctor Claire Finn is a Human Lieutenant and Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Orville.

Doctor Finn is a seasoned medical officer who has served aboard many Planetary Union vessels. According to Admiral Halsey, she served with the Orville under the previous captain as a doctor prior to Ed Mercer assuming command.[1]

She is the mother of two sons, Ty and Marcus Finn.


Old WoundsEdit

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During roll call of the senior staff, Captain Mercer is impressed by Finn's credentials, which include molecular surgery, DNA engineering, and psychiatry.

When the Orville's ground team arrives at Epsilon 2, Finn marvels at the Epsilon Science Station. After being shown the facility's newly developed quantum accelerator, which has the power to move time forward at an increased speed, she informs the team that manipulation of the flow of time is theoretically possible.

Later, she is grabbed by Derek Ashton, a lab technician and Krill spy, and held hostage. A physicist standing nearby, Janice Lee, approaches Ashton, who pushes her into the quantum accelerator, killing her in seconds. Finn is freed when Lieutenant Alara Kitan throws a piece of equipment at Ashton. With Ashton restrained, she scans the corpse of Lee to confirm her death and says that her age at death was approximately 125 years.

While on board a shuttle, she dresses a wound on Mercer's shoulder.

Command PerformanceEdit

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If the Stars Should AppearEdit

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Trivia Edit

  • Perhaps in dedication to her position as chief medical officer, Doctor Finn has a green streak of hair on her left side at the front.
  • She has acrophobia, a fear of heights.


References Edit

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