Drogen is a native inhabitant of an unnamed moon. After a war destroyed most of moon's populace, Drogen survives in a compound. In the winter of 2420, he rescues, imprisons, and finally is killed by, Doctor Claire Finn.

He is portrayed by Brian Thompson.


Drogen spent much of his adult years stockpiling food and resources in a large compound. By his own description, he was one of the few to correctly predict a devastating war between the nations of his moon. After one nation poisoned the water with a weaponized disease known as polloxus, most of the planet's populations died and Drogen took shelter in the compound. A small number of other inhabitants managed to survive the disease, though were left permanently disfigured and starving as food supplies dwindled.

Around January, 2420, Drogen finds the crashed shuttle of Doctor Finn. She is unconscious from the crash, so Drogen carries her to his compound. He locks Finn in the shelter against her will, forbidding her to leave, ostensibly for her safety though it is implied that he also desires the comfort of another person.

Claire tricks Drogen into leaving the compound to scavenge for antibiotics to treat a wound so that she can root around the compound for her gear. When Drogen returns, Claire stabs him with a knife she found. Then, in an ensuing fight, takes his gun and kills him.