Earth is a planet in, and capital of the Planetary Union. It is home to the space-capable species, Humans.

History Edit

Old Earth Edit

"Even Earth is a little fuzzy on some of its own history." ― Commander Kelly Grayson[source]
The planet of the 21st century and earlier is frequently referred to as Old Earth.[1] Knowledge of Old Earth by contemporary Humans is uneven due to the passage of time. For example, Commander Kelly Grayson of the USS Orville knows that the capital of the former United States of America was Washington, D.C., but Helmsman Gordon Malloy does not.[2]

Within the Planetary Union Edit

By the start of The Orville, Earth is a unified planet with a single representative government in the Planetary Union. Earth is the host world of the Union, and maintains the Union Dockyard, a large docking station for spacecraft.

Culture Edit

While little of 25th century Earth is discussed, a few aspects of its contemporary culture are known:

  • Apartments are common leaseholds in cities.[3]
  • Cats are owned as domestic pets,[4] as are dogs[5] and hamsters[6]
  • Christmas the religious festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is still observed in the form of inspired media such as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.[7]
  • Peter Rabbit, a traditional British tale, remains a common bedtime story for children.[8]
  • Reality television is no longer popular, and is now an obscure piece of 21st century entertainment history.[9]
    • American Idol was a form of entertainment in a "dark time" where people competed to see who had the best singing voice.[10]
  • Seinfeld, a comedy television series from the late 20th century is still viewed and enjoyed within the Planetary Union.[11]
  • Star Wars, a Science Fiction/Fantasy franchise that is still influential in popular culture.[12]

Food and beverages Edit

  • Beer is a beverage used by some, such as Gordon Malloy, to calm the nerves.[13]
  • Cannabis edible is a consumable form of the drug of the same name.[14]
  • Ice cream is a "depression food" often used as a means of alleviation. For the assuaging of depression, rocky road is the flavor most consumed. [15]
  • M&M's continue to be a favored snack.[16]
  • Pizza is an Earth delicacy favored for celebratory occasions.[17]
  • Pretzels are a snack which Ed Mercer ordered Bortus to have on the table.[18]
  • Sushi continues to be a popular, regional dish originating from the island of Japan.[19]


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