Old Wounds is the first episode of The Orville Season 1.

Plot synopsisEdit

In the year 2418, pilot Ed Mercer divorces his wife Kelly Grayson after he catches her cheating on him. One year later, Ed learns that he has been selected for promotion to Captain, and has been assigned control of the USS Orville, a mid-range exploratory vessel; he is asked to put together a team. Later, Ed discovers he needs a First Officer and becomes upset upon finding out that his ex-wife Kelly was chosen. Meanwhile, on their first mission, the Orville is ambushed by an alien vessel, commanded by a Krill who is plotting to steal a device which can accelerate time.


Main CastEdit

Special Guest StarEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit


  • This episode was the pilot for the series.
  • This episode starts in the year 2418; the main story then starts one year later, in the year 2419.
  • According to Ed, this episode takes place in the month of September, placing the events of this episode in September 2419.

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