Pria is the fifth episode of the The Orville Season 1.

Plot synopsisEdit

The Orville finds Captain Pria Lavesque in a stranded ship marooned on a comet headed for a nearby star. Ed Mercer, Alara Kitan, and Gordon Malloy try to rescue her and are almost pulled in by the gravitational force, only to be saved by John LaMarr and Isaac back on the ship. While Ed soon becomes smitten with Pria, Kelly Grayson doesn't trust her. She and Alara investigate her room, only to find a strange metal rectangle inside of it their scanners are unable to puncture. Unfortunately, when Kelly tries to tell Ed about the strange discovery he rejects it, claiming she's simply jealous of their growing affection, which is further cemented when she saves The Orville from destruction in a Dark Matter field.

After having sex with Pria, however, Captain Mercer finds the same grey rectangle from her room attached to the engines. Steve Newton uses a diamond drill to break into it while Isaac attempts to scan the data stored inside. The technology is too advanced and his systems shut down. After confronting Pria the crew learns that she isn't a genuine lost Union space captain, but instead an antique dealer from the 29th Century who used a stable wormhole to alter the past and save The Orville from destruction in order to sell it in her own timeline. Her plans are foiled, though, after being beaten into submission by Kelly and the ship using its weapons system to destroy the worm hole, causing Pria to be erased from the 25th century. It is also revealed that Isaac had survived by storing his data into The Orville right before systems burned out.

Meanwhile, Gordon Molloy attempts to teach Isaac the humor in practical jokes. He starts off by attaching Mr. Potato Head pieces to Isaac's head to give an example. Isaac, believing he understands the concept, proceeds to cut off Gordon's leg and hide it in the ship. At first Gordon is extremely angry at Isaac's attempt at a practical joke, deeming it psychotic. However, when Isaac is in the sick bay disabled from Pria's 29th-century technology Gordon confesses that cutting off his leg was one of the best practical jokes he had ever witnessed.


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Trivia Edit

  • The way Isaac survived Pria's technology was extremely similar to how J.A.R.V.I.S. survived Ultron's attack in the film Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron. Where the A.I. uploaded himself to the internet right before he was to be destroyed.
  • Alara's office is seen for the first time.
  • This is the second episode in a row to feature a major cast member from Seth MacFarlane's film, A Million Ways to Die in the West.
  • Several Star Trek shows had visits from the 29th century. The choice to have Pria come from that particular century may have been inspired by this.
  • A production error occurs in this episode. The location of the severing of Malloy's leg is between the hip and the knee when shown on Malloy's body. The leg which falls out of the ceiling in Pria's cabin is shown to be amputated at the hip.

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