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Above, the first season promotional image for The Orville.

The following is a list of episodes of The Orville. On November 2, 2017, Fox renewed the show for a second season. Two weeks later, Fox moved the Season 1 finale to the Season 2 premier.

Season 1Edit

Season 1

Count Season Episode ID Code Title Airdate Rating[1] Notes
001 01 01 S01E01 1LAB01 Old Wounds 2017-09-10 2.73/8.56 Pilot.
Commander Ed Mercer gets promoted to captain of a ship, the USS Orville. Mercer's ex-wife is assigned as his First Officer. The Krill attempt to steal powerful Union technology.
002 01 02 S01E02 1LAB03 Command Performance 2017-09-14 2.17/6.63 Third series production, fourth-produced episode overall.
When Mercer and Grayson are trapped in a replica of their old apartment, inexperienced Alara Kitan is placed in the captain's chair.
003 01 03 S01E03 1LAB04 About a Girl 2017-09-21 1.1/4.05
The Orville visits Bortus's planet. Bortus and Klyden make a controversial request that sends the crew into a tailspin.
004 01 04 S01E04 1LAB02 If the Stars Should Appear 2017-09-28 1.05/3.7 First series production.
The crew intercept a bioship about to drift into a star.
005 01 05 S01E05 1LAB05 Pria 2017-10-05 0.91/3.43
The Orville saves the attractive Pria Lavesque, but Kelly Grayson is suspicious of her motives.
006 01 06 S01E06 1LAB06 Krill 2017-10-12 0.99/3.37
Gordon Malloy and Mercer infiltrate a Krill destroyer to obtain a copy of the Krill holy text.
007 01 07 S01E07 1LAB07 Majority Rule 2017-10-26 1.21/4.18
A landing party explore a parallel Earth at the dawn of the 21st-century level of culture and technology, which exercises an extreme form of democracy.
008 01 08 S01E08 1LAB08 Into the Fold 2017-11-02 1/3.83
The Finns and Isaac are stranded on an unknown moon.
009 01 09 S01E09 1LAB09 Cupid's Dagger 2017-11-09 1.04/3.69
Darulio returns to cause havok during tense war negotiations
010 01 10 S01E10 1LAB10 Firestorm 2017-11-16 0.93/3.32
A crew member dies, forcing Alara Kitan to question whether she is fit for command.
011 01 11 S01E11 1LAB11 New Dimensions 2017-11-23 0.9/3.63
The ship is crippled by a spatial anomaly. Meanwhile, Mercer must decide who to promote to Chief Engineer.
012 01 12 S01E12 1LAB12 Mad Idolatry 2017-11-30 1.2/4.2 Season 1 finale.
The crew discovers a planet from another universe. Ed and Kelly consider getting back together.

Season 2Edit

Season 2

List of episodes
Count Season Episode ID Code Title Airdate Ratings Notes
013 02 01 S02E01 1LAB14 TBD N/A - Season 2 premiere.
014 02 02 S02E02 1LAB15 Home N/A -
015 02 03 S02E03 1LAB16 TBA N/A -
N/A 02 N/A TBD; S01E12 (former) 1LAB12 Primal Urges N/A - Twelfth series production episode. Originally Season 1, Episode 12.

Creator Seth MacFarlane has confirmed that there will be at least 14 episodes in Season 2 (including the former finale of Season 1 above).

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