Firestorm is the tenth episode of The Orville Season 1. It is a Halloween-special-style episode featuring a haunted Alara Kitan.

Plot synopsis Edit

The episode starts with the the Orville in the middle of riding out a Plasma Storm. It gets more intense and Harrison Paynes in Engineering is pinned down by a piece of fallen debris, Steve Newton calls down Alara Kitan to use her Xelayan elevated strength to help. While running to help him she is frozen when a part of the floor lights on fire, stalling too much that he eventually passes away from blood lost. Feeling deeply devastated by this failure Alara, going into the Simulator room to test to start boxing in order to blow off steam, even going as far to destroy a bag. Kelly Grayson and Claire Finn try to tell her there was nothing that could be done, but Alara insists it was a huge and inexcusable failure on her end.

She eventually goes to Captain Mercer and explains that she needs to be revoked of her status within the Planetary Union, but he says that she should find out the exact reason why the fire made him paralyzed before. Alara goes to talk to her parents about it over the television and her mother explains that when she was an infant there was a fire in their home, and if not for Alara's baby screams they could've been hurt by the event. She leaves her quarters and while walking down the hallway comes across what appears to be a humanoid man dressed as a clown, who simply stares and runs into her before disappearing in the corner. She goes to the main deck and explains what happens and that she believes herself to be mentally losing it, John LaMarr especially being terrified of what she saw, citing a deep seated fear for clowns. Captain Mercer and Kelly agree to go over the feeds on the Orville hallways to see if a clown was really there. They all manage to see it and Alara alongside Bortus are sent to the supply room to investigate further.

In there, the clown confronts Alara again and manages to fight her off. She quickly manages to kill him however by shooting a Plasma Gun in kill mode. The entire main crew go into a meeting shortly afterwards and Captain Mercer puts the entire Orville into Yellow Alert until they find out the meaning behind the clown. Kelly and Alara discuss it amongst themselves, until the Commander tries to go into her quarters and almost falls into an infinitely deep hole. Realizing how impossible the situation is Ed speculates this could all be something to do with some sort of collective mental deterioration of multiple crew members. Alara goes to the Med Bay for a mental re-evaluation but is held down on the operating table, while Claire tries to perform surgery on her. Thanks to her strength she's able to break out and bring Claire to a cell. Where they try to get answers for why she tried to kill Alara, but refused to give a straight answer.

The crew has another meeting about what's happening until multiple tarantulas begin infesting the entire room and one even manages to attack Gordon Malloy. Based on a theory Kelly had about the Plasma Storm being the root of the strange activity, Captain Mercer agrees to bring The Orville back into it hoping it would end whatever it might've started. Alara and Gordon proceed to walk to the elevator until being confronted by a terrifying arachnid creature, they both try to run but Gordon is eaten alive. Alara tries to get help but no one answers her distress calls, she even begins looking around only to see the entire ship completely abandoned by everyone, yet still entering the storm.

She heads to engineering to try and get shields up for protection only to find Isaac there too, who claims he's trying to do the same. He says the power on the ship appears to be down but the Com Scanners are functioning and that he will check to see if it recorded where the rest of the crew went. Alara brings up watching Gordon die in front of her and Isaac says it's unfortunate he was eaten alive like that. Alara points out she never told Isaac how Gordon died and realizes he's the creature and they proceed to fight. With difficulty Alara subdues him and gets out a gun to finish "Isaac" off. The audience is then shown Ed Mercer, Kelly Grayson, Claire Finn and the Kaylon Isaac are watching her perform in the simulation room. Explaining that they are unable to turn it off since she's issued protocol thirty-eight, which gives Security Personnel complete jurisdiction over the ship in times of crisis, even above a captain.

Within the simulation, she then runs into the Shuttlecraft and tries to escape the storm, but the creature ignites flames across the entire deck which Alara, now free of her fear, is able to conquer and fly out of the now destroyed Orville. Waking up Alara figures out what just happened and wonders why they would do that to her. In the boardroom Ed Mercer explains that she came to him after speaking to her parents and asks if Isaac could create a simulation for her to conquer any fears she may subconsciously be harboring. Ed also says that normally a Union Head of Security would be court martialed for enacting protocol thirty-eight for the reasons she did, but since she has done so well as her job these past months he'll look the other way.

Alara that night goes to sleep peacefully, completely sure now that her phobia of fire had been completely conquered.

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Trivia Edit

  • The creature who terrorizes the ship holds many striking similarities to the Deadlights/Pennywise the Dancing Clown from the Stephen King Novels the Dark Tower series and It respectively. Transforming into it's victims greatest fears and often taking the form of either a frightening circus clown or a monstrous spider.
  • Ed mentions that it's been 6 months since the events of "Old Wounds", and since the events of "Old Wounds" takes place in September 2419, that places the events of this episode in March 2420.

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