"People seem to think that being brave means not being afraid. The way I see it, if you're not afraid, there's nothing to be brave about." Ed Mercer[source]
Firestorm is the tenth episode of the first season of The Orville. The episode features Lieutenant Alara Kitan confronting her fears in a "haunted" USS Orville.

Firestorm was written by Cherry Chevapravatdumrong and directed by Jon Cassar, one of the few episodes not to be written or directed by creator Seth MacFarlane. It features the music of John Debney. The title refers to Kitan's fear of fire and a growing "storm" of terrifying happenings on the ship.

While the episode suffered the worst TV viewership numbers of the season, it was very well received by general audiences. Firestorm holds 8.4 on IMDB, the fourth highest of the year.[1]

Teaser Edit

Fox released a 30 second promotional teaser on November 9, 2017. A panicked Lieutenant Gordon Malloy asks, "What do we do?" Kitan answers, "Run!" Captain Ed Mercer demands to know: "What the Hell is happening on my ship?" A narrator announces that "the Orville is under attack in the scariest adventure yet." Scenes of fighting and explosions play. Commander Kelly Grayson and Mercer make a joke about marriage.

The Orville Promo "Firestorm"

The Orville Promo "Firestorm"

Plot Synopsis Edit

Act 1 Edit

The episode opens to the Orville in the midst of a fierce plasma storm. The storm damages the Engineering section, and Lieutenant Harrison Payne is crushed by a piece of fallen debris. Chief Engineer Steve Newton calls for Kitan to use her heightened Xelayan strength to lift the bulkhead. Just before reaching Payne, she is frozen in fear by the fire in front of her and he dies.

Act 2 Edit


Lieutenant Harrison Payne moments before he is crushed by a collapsed bulkhead.

Blaming herself for failing to reach Payne before he passed, Kitan boxes in the Environmental Simulator. First Officer Grayson and Doctor Claire Finn tell Kitan that Payne would have died from blood loss anyway, but she insists that freezing from fear was inexcusable.

Kitan goes to Captain Mercer and attempts to resign, but he refuses and advises her that, if she is in emotional turmoil, to introspect. "Find out why you were afraid," he says. "Talk to your parents; talk to Doctor Finn."

Kitan calls her parents to ask if she had a traumatic incident involving fire as a child. Her mother explains that when Kitan was an infant there was a fire in their home, and if not for Kitan's screams they could have been seriously hurt. Kitan exits her quarters and sees a man on the other end of the hall dressed as a clown, who runs into her before disappearing in the corner.

Act 3 Edit

Kitan rushes to the bridge and announces that she may be mentally unstable. Mercer and Grayson are unsure if Kitan is hallucinating, and agree to watch video feeds of the ship's hallways. The ship's feed recorded the clown, and Kitan is vindicated. The crew suspects the clown may and they sweep the ship.

In the Cargo Hold, the clown attacks Kitan and manages to wrest the Plasma Blaster from her. Kitan recovers her gun and shoots him. Unbeknownst to Kitan, the clown switched the setting from stun to kill; when Kitan fires on the clown, she inadvertently kills him.

Act 4 Edit

The clown's ability to appear and disappear cannot be explained. A cautious Captain Mercer puts the Orville on Yellow Alert until they learn more of their intruders. Attempting to enter her quarters, Grayson nearly plummets down an infinite void that has replaced her room. Realizing the impossibility of these occurrences, Mercer speculates the crew may suffer a collective mental deterioration or mass hallucination. Bortus reports that he crushed an alligator in the Cargo Bay.

Doctor Finn decides to conduct brain scans on the crew. Kitan goes to Sick Bay for her scans. Finn locks Kitan with specially-fortified restraints

Act 5 Edit

Finn nearly tortures Kitan before she is able to break free. The Doctor is confined to the Brig, where the senior staff interrogates her. Finn mocks the crew, speaking only in riddles.

The bridge crew holds an emergency meeting that is cut short by a swarm of tarantulas. Grayson speculates that the plasma storm may have severed ties between reality and "something else." With no better ideas, the Captain agrees to bring the Orville back on the chance that returning to the storm might end what it started.

In the hallway, Kitan and Helmsman Gordon Malloy are accosted by an enormous arachnid monster. Kitan flees but Malloy is devoured, and none of the other crewmembers answers her message that Malloy is dead.

Act 6 Edit

No one answers Kitan's continued pleas for help. Apart from the spider, Kitan is alone on the ship.

Unfortunately, the Orville is en route to the plasma storm and the ship's deflectors must be raised or be destroyed. Kitan hurries to Engineering to raise the shields herself and discovers Isaac, who claims he was about to do the same.

Though most power systems have failed, Isaac notes that communication scanners are functioning and can be checked to look for the fate of the crew. While working together, Kitan confesses that she witnessed Malloy die. Isaac consoles her, but presses her to continue working "in case the alien creature returns." She points out that she never told Isaac how Malloy died, and realizes that Isaac is responsible. After a difficult hand-to-hand fight, Kitan manages to shoot Isaac, killing him. With the Orville now in the plasma storm and deflectors not restored, the ship is nearly destroyed. Kitan has no choice but to escape by shuttle.

The audience is shown the real Mercer, Grayson, Finn and Isaac in the Environmental Simulator's control room, watching Kitan in the Simulator run to the virtual Shuttle Bay. Finn tells Mercer, "Captain, we need to shut this down now."

Act 7 Edit

Kitan is locked in the Simulator. Isaac explains that no one but Kitan is able to turn it off as she invoked Directive 38, which gives the Chief of Security complete control over the ship.

Within the simulation, Kitan secures a shuttle but the evil Isaac arrives, who ignites combustible materials near the Bay's exit that send large flames across the entire deck. Kitan faces her fear of fire to pilot the shuttle through the flames and exit the Orville, and the simulation promptly ends.

Now back in reality, Mercer explains to Kitan that she came to him after speaking with her parents and requested Isaac to create a simulation to confront any fears she may subconsciously harbor. Mercer chastises her reckless behavior, saying that use of Directive 38 without just cause is an infraction worthy of court martial. However, because of Kitan's exemplary performance over the last few months, Mercer says he will look the other way.

The episode concludes with Kitan in bed, smiling.

Production Edit

Firestorm Production

Actor Mark Jackson (Isaac) tweeted this composite photo from filming of the episode. Bottom left is Selkie Hom, stunt double of actress Halston Sage (Kitan).

Firestorm was written by Cherry Chevapravatdumrong. Filming was completed sometime in July, 2017, under the direction of Jon Cassar, who later was hired as director for the show's second season. Filming took roughly eight days while composer John Debney's score took three weeks to complete.[2] The episode is one of the few that creator Seth MacFarlane neither wrote nor directed.

Reception Edit

Viewership Edit

For more information on the episode in the context of the season, see main article: Season 1.
Firestorm was very well received by TV audiences, with an 8.4 rating on IMDB, the fourth highest for Season 1.[1] However, very few watched the episode relative to the show's performance overall. It was watched by 3.15 million viewers in the United States, the lowest of the season.[3]

Critical Response Edit

Despite a strongly positive reception from the general public, Firestorm received mixed reviews from critics. Michael Ahr of Den of Geek gave the episode three stars, writing that while the it accomplished nothing innovative, it at least kept audiences guessing until the end.[4]

Jammer of Jammer's Reviews awarded 2.5 out of four stars, concluding:

"Firestorm" is an okay-fine outing. I can't quite recommend it because it feels like a strung-together series of casual amusements — some which work, some which don't — servicing a character core that feels a little too labored. But there are certainly far worse ways to spend your television hour.[5]
On the other hand, Nick Wanserski of the AV Club enjoyed the episode, noting that the episode rested in strong character development and well-timed banter.[6]

Trivia Edit

  • The clown who terrorizes the ship holds many striking similarities to Deadlights and Pennywise the Dancing Clown from the Stephen King novels the Dark Tower series and It respectively, transforming into its victims' greatest fears and often taking the form of either a frightening circus clown or a monstrous spider.
  • Mercer mentions that it's been six months since taking command of the Orville. In the episode Old Wounds, we learn that Mercer assumed command in September, 2419. That means the events of Firestorm take place in March, 2420.
  • In production, the title of the episode was "Nightmares."

Mistakes Edit

  • When Grayson nearly plummets into the void, she receives a large, red mark on her forearm. In the next cut, the mark has disappeared.

Cast Edit

Names and titles are as they appear in the credits unless otherwise noted.

Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Special Guest Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

Uncreditted Cast Edit

References Edit

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