"He's drawn a lot of penises on a lot of things, but, Admiral, if you were caught in an ion storm, who would you want at the helm?" Ed Mercer[source]

Gordon Malloy is the Human Helmsman of the Orville.


Malloy has been friends with Ed Mercer since their days at the academy Union Point, where they were drinking companions.[1] His piloting skills are described as 'Legendary' by John LaMarr. He was kept on desk duty before Ed asked him to be a helmsman on the Orville.

Old WoundsEdit

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Malloy is given the Helmsman position after Captain Ed Mercer convinces Admiral Halsey that he is fit for the job.

Malloy meets Lieutenant LaMarr in his quarters and reveals to him the reason he was kept on desk duty. In order to impress a girl, he did a manual override on a shuttle docking which resulted in no injuries. However, a cargo bay door was sheared off and 300 crates of authentic autumn squash were sucked into space.

Malloy later comes across Commander Grayson and reassures her that their professional relationship won't be affected because of his friendship with Mercer.

While the Orville is in orbit of Epsilon 2, it is attacked by a Krill vessel. Malloy requests permission to perform a maneuver which he calls "Hugging the Donkey," something he has been doing since flight school. Subsequently Lieutenant Bortus asks him to align the Docking Bay doors so that the shuttlecraft in which the Orville's ground team is on can land. At first he shows apprehension but he successfully manages to do it.

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Trivia Edit

  • In Old Wounds, he states "I don't think we're gonna make it outta here by 5.", which implies that he works shifts until 5pm.
  • He once had a skin tag removed and is now terrified of surgery (Tomophobia).


References Edit

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