"I would like to speak with you about the humans."
"Oh, aren't they wonderful? They're brand-new. The visitors are loving them.
" Isaac and Calivon Administrator[source]
Humans are a species native to the planet Earth and a central member of the Planetary Union. As such, they make up the majority of the crew on board the Orville.


During the period that history would later refer to as "Old Earth", humans kept species in zoos and enjoyed reality shows. The passage of time made much of this knowledge fragmented though elements of culture persisted into the 25th century.

Humans became part of the Planetary Union at some point and rose to prominence in the organization. In spite of this, the Xelayans derisively regarded humans as "the hillbillies of the galaxy".

In a negated future, humans have developed time travel capabilities by the 29th century as well as eschewed religious practices.


Humans are a bipedal species and are outwardly identical to the Sarguns and the natives of the Multiphasic Planet.

Humans are substantially weaker than Xelayans, Moclans and Kaylons.

Notable HumansEdit