Into the Fold is the eighth episode of The Orville Season 1.

Plot synopsis Edit

The episode starts with Claire Finn being woken up in the morning by her son, Ty. The Doctor proceeds to awaken her other son Marcus, who refuses to comply claiming he does not want to take a vacation to a "play planet". Claire forces him anyway and the family goes to the Shuttle where Kelly Grayson tells her that Claire's vacation voyage will be assisted by Isaac who relished the opportunity to study biological life form in greater detail.

Traveling through space Marcus and Ty bicker with one another, while Isaac and Claire discuss their behavior. Isaac not understanding why Claire doesn't take greater initiative when discipling her children. Ty enraged at Marcus' antagonization grabs his portable game and throws it at the main controls, throwing the ship off course towards a spatial fold, a type of Spatial Anomaly. After getting sucked into it's gravity the Shuttle is transported lightyears away from their former location. Realizing they need to stop somewhere to repair any damage the Anomaly caused Isaac locates a nearby gas giant with a Habitable Moon. The shuttle takes a rough landing and is broken into two pieces, Isaac and the kids landing on one side with Claire on another. While the Doctor gets taken away unconscious by a native, Isaac assists Marcus with a dislocated kneecap amongst the wreckage.

Meanwhile on The Orville, John LaMarr, Steve Newton, and Yaphit are working on repairing technical errors in the engineering room. When Ed Mercer comes in and announces that there was no report of Claire, her family or Isaac arriving at their desired destination. He demands that John find their last recorded location. When he claims the tracking technology is too damaged to find them quickly Mercer demands he navigate the "old fashioned way" with Star Charts. On the Moon, Claire finds herself in a strange room where a man walks in and gives her a bucket of food, claiming she needs to eat and when Claire asks where she is, he only responds "Somewhere safe". At the crashed site Isaac tries to repair the shuttle as Ty and Marcus continue arguing once again. Isaac demands they stop and explains how he needs a specific element to send out a distress single for help. Marcus claims he learned that the element he seeks exists all throughout the universe in multiple planetary bodies. He searches the moon and finds traces of it located within the mountains.

Claire continue to sit inside the room until the man returns and more harshly demands she eat the food he prepared for her. Introducing himself as Drogen, explaining that the Moon suffered a great war years ago that infected the water supply and made food extremely scarce for his people. but that he prepared for it and now wants Claire to stay within his encampment so he may have some extra company. Back on The Orville, Bortus detects the Spatial Anomaly and the crew figures out that the Shuttle Craft must've traveled through there. Captain Mercer commands they follow and see where it takes them, after the intense views going through it they find themselves in the middle of empty space. John finds a nearby Gas Giant with over thirty habitable moons, assuming they likely stopped there for repairs. Gordon Malloy claims there are far too many for them to realistically search, but Captain Mercer strongly insists they find the missing crew regardless.

Isaac and the two boys walk through the mountains coming across hostile natives, whom Isaac is able to easily dispatch with his Plasma Gun. They eventually are forced to cross a river which Ty ends up falling into, Isaac however claims if they aren't directly hurt they can't stop moving. Claire within her cell shimmies the window open only to find out she is extremely high up within the compound. Desperate to escape she cuts herself and then calls Drogen in. Telling him that she needs special medicine from her crashed ship or else she will die of infection. Believing her he leaves and Claire goes out of her room through the window, coming across a knife and a phone which she uses to call Isaac and her sons.

After a night of storytelling and rest, Isaac awakens both boys only to find Ty infected with the same disease the natives were infected with. After carrying him and finding the element they need he gets a call from Claire, explaining the situation and how Ty got infected by the water. Defeating Drogen with the weapon and gaining blood from a diseased native, Claire rendezvous' with Isaac at the shuttle crash site where he puts the element in. Unfortunately, it isn't as potent as he thought and the signal is much weaker. Isaac fears it may take weeks for any one to receive it at all. Claire begins feeling disheartened that she can't make an antidote without her lab and can't afford to waste weeks trapped there. Alara Kitan on The Orville however is able to translate the signal and find the location of the lost crew members.

Later that night, a group of aggressive natives attack all of them and Isaac along with Marcus manage to hold them off until The Orville arrives and uses their advanced weaponry to take down the entire horde as the rest run off. After Ty is given Claire's recently formulated antidote Kelly Grayson says she hopes the Planetary Union allows them to return so they may use the new cure to help the remaining afflicted species there. While Ty rests Claire finds Isaac in the engineering room and tells him that her sons miss him. He explains that in spite of their vindictive & aggressive behavior, he is deeply fond of them.

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Trivia Edit

  • Before this episode aired, it was described as "The most dangerous mission yet".
  • A production error results in a continuity error in this episode. The Finns and Isaac are shown boarding ECV-197-2, while the shuttle that crash lands on the moon is shown as ECV-197-1.

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