"This is Janice Lee, one of our most brilliant young physicists."

― Doctor Aronov[source]

Doctor Janice Lee was a physicist stationed at the Epsilon Science Station on Epsilon 2. Lee researched "temporal fields" and was responsible for discovering the breakthrough principles underlying the quantum accelerator.

In September, 2419, she was killed by fellow researcher Doctor Derek Ashton.


When the USS Orville sends a ground team to the station, Doctor Aronov introduces them to the quantum accelerator, a time-accelerating device, and to the research team, including Lee. Aronov mentions that Lee was the mind behind the accelerator.

A technician and secret Krill operative, Derek Ashton held the facility hostage in order to capture the device for the Krill. Lee approached Ashton, but he panicked and pushed Lee back. She fell into the active quantum accelerator and died almost instantaneously.

Later, Doctor Claire Finn analyzed her body and determined that, after the effects of the accelerator, she was 125 years old at death.

Production Edit

The character of Janice Lee is virtually unchanged from the original script apart from minor tweaks to her lines.[1] For the aged version of Lee, a stunt double in heavy makeup was used. A photograph of actress Christine Corpuz and her double, both in costume, can be found on Corpuz's Instagram.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • According to the script, the accelerator aged Lee 100 years until she was 125 years old, making Lee 25 until pushed by Ashton.[1]
  • As of first season, Lee is one of only two characters whose specific age is known, the other being Chief of Security Alara Kitan.


References Edit

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