Jeannie Mercer is the wife of Ben Mercer and mother of Ed Mercer.


Jeannie Mercer lives in Boxford, Massachusetts, with her husband Ben, where they raised their son Ed, the future captain of the USS Orville.

The pair are friends with another family, the Petersons.

In early October 2419, a holographic version of Jeannie and Ben is created by the Calivon to capture Ed and Kelly Grayson.


Jeannie is an outgoing, personable woman, who wears her emotions on her sleeve. It's a poorly kept secret that she resents Kelly Grayson since her affair and divorce from her son. According to Ed, she once called Kelly a bitch "46 times in one sitting" at a restaurant, provoking the people at the adjoining table to complain.[1] Her conversations with Kelly are stilted and tense.


References Edit

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