"There was only one person in town who has the mastery of tone to walk this line between comedy and drama, and it was Jon."

Seth MacFarlane[[source]]

Jon Favreau is an American actor, director and producer who directed the episode Old Wounds of The Orville.


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Jon Faveau became interested in The Orville after reading the pilot's script: "I just ripped through the whole thing. I flipped through every page and it felt like it was written by someone who really loves the genre."[1] He enjoyed working on a television series that not only recreated classic science fiction television but also poked fun at its tropes.[1]

He is one of the chief reasons for shooting the USS Orville as a physical model in place of pure CGI:

Seth [MacFarlane] share a passion for motion-control miniature work. When we were planning out the pilot episode I brought it up as a lark. I had used this technology before, but it is rare to see it used today because of the time and expense. Seth really sparked to the notion, so we went for it. It would evoke sci-fi of old and add a tangible warmth and nostalgia that we felt suited The Orville as a show, and as a ship.[2]
According to Scott Grimes (Gordon Malloy), Favreau jumpstarted the table read of Old Wounds on a cautious note: "We could be doing something horrible here. We're either going to be amazing or we're going to fail."[3]


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