"Is that one of your projects?"
"No, no, that's Dr. Jorvik, our chief botanist.
" Claire Finn and Aronov[source]
Doctor Jorvik is Chief Botanist of the Botany Lab at the Epsilon Science Station on Epsilon 2. Almost nothing is known of Jorvik, aside from obvious physical characteristics such as three eyes, multiple tendrils, and an amphibious or semi-aquatic lifestyle.

History Edit

Doctor Aronov gives the ground team of the USS Orville a tour of the Epsilon Science Station. Upon reaching a swamp-like area of the facility, Jorvik emerges from the water and stares at them. Aronov introduces Jorvik as the head botanist and tells him to "carry on."

Production Edit

Old Wounds Dr Jorvik

Seth MacFarlane's first concept sketch of Jorvik. From The World of the Orville.

Jorvik underwent significant changes late into production. Originally, Jorvik was a nameless, tree-like creature with branches.[1] Each branch sported a flowering bud that opened to reveal an eye. Additionally, the plant was a project of the research facility and not a researcher itself.

In the original script, Aronov (then named Peter Leonid) gives the Orville ground team a tour of the facility. When Jorvik opens its eyes, Commander Kelly Grayson panics. Aronov apologizes to the plant for Grayson's behavior, saying: "Sorry, she gets nervous meeting new people."[1]

Creator Seth MacFarlane created Jorvik by a pencil sketch on notebook paper. The show's artists Brandon Fayette and Luke McDonald took that sketch and modeled it on a computer, and Tippett VFX rendered an animation of the model for use in the show.[2]


References Edit

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