"Hey, Ed, nice to meet you. I'm Justin."
"How are ya?"
"Oh, great, super, always. Oh, it's such a treat to meet one of Gordon's friends.
" ― Justin and Ed Mercer[source]
Justin, credited The Ogre, is an ogre hologram created by Gordon Malloy. His program is stored in the Environmental Simulators in Planetary Union Central on Earth. He is portrayed by Patrick Cox.

History Edit

Old Wounds Edit

Justin battles Malloy in a samurai village, carrying an ax and clad in fantasy-esque armor. Malloy explains to Ed Mercer that Justin is a "badass fighter" with a "really neat personality."

Justin politely introduced himself to Mercer and is excited by Mercer and Malloy's promotions. Malloy tricks Justin into letting down his guard by telling him that he has a ladybug on his foot, and then promptly beheads him.


  • In the original script, Malloy programmed Justin to be a practicing Christian, but this was removed prior to shooting.[1]


References Edit

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