"To the victor go the spoils." Bortus observing the wreckage of the Kakov[source]
The Kakov was a Krill battle cruiser. It was destroyed by the USS Orville during the Battle of Kastra 4.

History Edit

Sometime in late 2419 or early 2420, the Kakov attacked a Planetary Union mining colony located on Kastra 4. When the Orville responded to the colony's distress call, the Kakov turned its attention to the Orville.

Outclassed by a superior ship, the Orville is unable to defend itself from the Kakov's head-on assault. Captain Ed Mercer orders the Orville to skim the edge of Kastra's atmosphere, creating a screen of atmospheric gasses that blinded the pursuing Kakov's sensors and preventing it from locking weapons. The Orville quickly shot up away from the planet and fired a spread of torpedoes, completely destroying the Kakov and all hands.

The destruction of the Kakov was regarded as an unparalleled success by the Union. An intact shuttle was recovered from the wreckage of the Kakov that was used by Captain Mercer and Helmsman Gordon Malloy to infiltrate the Krill battle cruiser Yakar.

Personnel Edit

  • Arnak, tactical officer

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