"Aren't you guys legendarily racist?"
"My planet regards humans and other biological life-forms as inferior, if that is your inference.
" Ed Mercer and Isaac[source]
The Kaylon are a species of synthetic Lifeforms, affiliated with the Planetary Union, that believe themselves superior to biological species.


The Kaylon race evolved to have a technological level that is significantly higher than that of the majority of Planetary Union races. One of the only revealed species whose technology is comparable are the Calivon. One example of superior Kaylon technology are the portable holographic emitters provided by Isaac to Ed Mercer and Gordon Malloy in order to infiltrate the Yakar.


Kaylon are not biological lifeforms, but are mechano-computational lifeforms. All Kaylon are assembled within a central production facility on their home planet of Kaylon 1.

The only Kaylon seen thus far is Issac, who serves aboard the USS Orville as part of a cultural study program by the Kaylon as part of a diplomatic mission by the Union. Issac has a humanoid body layout, but it is not known if this is standard for his species or if his body was customized to ease interactions with the largely-humanoid union; for example, while Issac does possess visible eyes, they are merely for aesthetic purposes, as Kaylons rely on internal sensors to view their surroundings. In addition to this, they also do not sleep, and are instead put at a "charging station" when they need to rest.


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