"Aren't you guys legendarily racist?"
"My planet regards humans and other biological life-forms as inferior, if that is your inference.
" Ed Mercer and Isaac[source]
Kaylon are a species of synthetic, mechanical lifeforms from the planet Kaylon 1. They are affiliated with, but not members of, the Planetary Union.

By virtue of their mechanical physiology, Kaylon regard themselves as superior to biological species.


The Kaylon species developed a level of technology significantly beyond that of Planetary Union member worlds, rivaled only by the highly advanced Calivon. They are one of the few species that the Calivon regard as equals. One example of superior Kaylon technology are the portable holographic emitters provided by Isaac to Ed Mercer and Gordon Malloy in order to infiltrate the Yakar.

At an unknown date prior to September, 2419, the Union solicited a general offer for a Kaylon individual to join a Union ship. Kaylon saw the offer as a unique opportunity to study biological lifeforms, and Isaac was sent to study them as a Union Science and Engineering Officer.


Kaylons are not biological lifeforms, but are mechano-computational beings. All Kaylon are assembled within a central production facility on their home planet of Kaylon 1. Any Kaylon that is viewed to not become a productive member of society is terminated as a program. Kaylons are also significantly smarter than Union species, with Isaac being able to interface with and access the programming of a 29th century device planted by Pria Lavesque.

The only Kaylon seen thus far is Issac, who serves aboard the USS Orville as part of a cultural study program by the Kaylon as part of a diplomatic mission by the Union. Issac has a humanoid body layout, but it is not known if this is standard for his species or if his body was customized to ease interactions with the largely-humanoid Union. For example, while Issac does possess visible eyes, they are merely for aesthetic purposes, as Kaylons rely on internal sensors to view their surroundings, allowing Malloy to once decorate Issac's face with Mr. Potato Head bits without Issac realizing what had happened until the bridge crew pointed it out to him. In addition to this, they do not sleep, instead put in a "charging station" when they need to rest. Kaylons are also capable of mimicking the voice of any individual as well as transferring their consciousness into other mechanical receptacles.

A Kaylon's mechanical biology allows them to live for millions of years. As a result, they do not perceive time in the same manner as biological lifeforms with Isaac stating that spending 700 years on a planet would be more akin to 700 seconds from his perspective. Upon reuniting with the Orville, Isaac's physical body showed no signs of physical degradation. Though incredibly durable, they can be vaporized by the PM-488 Titan's maximum setting.

Kaylons also possess incredible strength, comparable to that of Xelayans. In Alara Kitan's fear conquering Simulation, Isaac is able to physically battle her for an extended period of time, and is later able to compete against her in an arm wrestling contest.

Production Edit

Actor Mark Jackson introduced the Kaylon species to the public at the San Diego Comic Con on July 22, 2017. He explained that the Kaylon sent Isaac as an ambassador and observer to the Planetary Union, and that the species communicates with each other as a "hive mind."[1]


References Edit

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