Kaylon 1 is an independent world which coexists alongside the Planetary Union. It is the homeworld of the Kaylon species.


Practically nothing is known about the origin of the Kaylon 1 other than that it is the native home of the synthetic Kaylon people. Based on its name, it is possible there are multiple planets with the name "Kaylon" likely under control of the governing body of the same name.

Kaylon 1 is not a member world within the Planetary Union, and for a long time they had poor relations with them due to the firmly established xenophobia towards non-mechanical species. However, as of the 25th Century, they are trying to remedy this by sending observer Kaylons to serve aboard Union vessels in order to better understand the culture of species within them. The only known observer from Kaylon 1 is Isaac, serving onboard the USS Orville.

Despite their rocky relationship with the Planetary Union, Kaylon 1 appears to be well respected by the Calivon.


"On my planet, when a program is not functioning properly, it is deleted." Isaac explaining the process for handling disruptive behavior on Kalyon 1.[source]

Kaylon 1 has been described as being a very ruthless, logical, and technology driven society. The physical form of any Kaylon are assembled within factories. Their program forms are expected to behave in rigid and predictable patterns, only what they were designed to do. If any of them act out of the ordinary, they are terminated without hesitation.

Production Edit

In a September 2017 interview, actor Mark Jackson (Isaac) said that there were plans to visit the planet in Season 1 that were tabled for a potential second season.[1]


References Edit

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