The Krill are an aggressive, reptilian species from their home world located in the same quadrant of the galaxy as the Planetary Union. They are known for their total disregard of all life which is not Krill. Because their territory abuts Union space, they are their primary antagonists in the early 25th century.

Krill society is dominated by the worship of an omnipotent creator god named Avis who commands the destruction of all non-Krill. Krill view other species as soulless, and unworthy of life. Thus, the Krill are in a persistent state of conflict with other species.

Biology Edit

Krill are a bipedal reptilian humanoid species. They have tough, scaly skin, with three bony ridges running along their skulls. Their height and strength is roughly the same as Humans. Two bone protrusions from the base of their chins are called "chin horns."

There are at least two Krill phenotypes. The first, seen only in the episode Old Wounds, has pale white skin with entirely black eyes. The second has blue-grey skin with black irises and white scleras. The Krill home world is covered in a shroud of darkness, and the Krill are vulnerable to even mild exposure to the ultraviolet radiation in lights and sunlight.


Theology Edit

Religion revolves around the worship of a male supreme deity named Avis, whose stories and philosophy are recorded in the Anhkana, the Krill sacred text. Through the Ankhana, Avis instructs that all other life is soulless, and thus unworthy of existence. Even complex species are regarded as non-sentient, their actions compared by the Krill to the generated responses of an advanced computer. For reasons unknown, Avis commands the destruction of all other life.

Chapel Edit

Krill gather for services, religious ritual, inside rooms or buildings known as chapels. Chapels may be found throughout the Krill home world and in their destroyers. Services are led by a High Priest flanked by two Priests.

A basic chapel consists of a single room with an altar at its center-front; a copy of the Anhkana rests on the top of the altar. Two rows of pews flank the sides of the room, separated by a single center aisle. On the altar sits a copy of the Anhkana and a bell, which begins services. The walls of the chapel are adorned with Krill writing.[1]

Services Edit

At the start of services, the Priest opens services by twice ringing the ceremonial bell and greeting the congregation: "A blessed evening. Temeen Everdeen."[2] The congregants replying, "Temeen Everdeen."

After the salutation, a blood sacrifice is presented for the glory of Avis. The Priest utters, "Let us now cleanse," and the sacrifice is presented. For example, in the episode Krill, the severed head of a Human from the Union colony planet Chara 3 is placed upon the altar. The Priest produces a ritual dagger and explains the reason for the sacrifice's death.

Finally, the Priest destroys the sacrifice. The Priest says, "Hail, Avis! Hail, victory! Temeen everdeen!," and plunges the dagger into the sacrifice. The Priest proceeds to mash the sacrifice with the dagger while the congregation chants 'temeen everdeen.'

Military Edit

Krill soldier

A concept sketch of a basic Krill soldier by the show's wardrobe designer, Joseph Porro.

The Krill operate battle cruisers called destroyers for military operations. Destroyers are led by a Captain, in charge of all operations aboard the ship. A captain is assisted by the High Priest who oversees religious affairs. Some destroyers may self-cloak.

There are at least two tiers of Krill military rank: the Captain in command of a destroyer and the soldiers who comprise the bulk of the Krill force. Soldiers are highly-trained people trained for hand-to-hand and weapon-based combat. Soldiers are in charge of minor operations, enforcing the commands of leaders aboard destroyers, or leading ground teams on military strikes.

Armor and weaponry Edit

Krill armor is durable yet flexible, described as having the same toughness as their rifles.[3] Armor covers nearly all of the body of a Krill soldier, although it is not entirely for protection in combat. Because Krill are extremely sensitive to light, their armor blocks out deadly UV radiation. When on the surface of well-lit worlds like Epsilon 2, Krill soldiers wear helmets that guard the face at all times possible. The helmets open and retract automatically.

Soldiers carry several types of weapons, a Plasma Rifle, which is described as a Krill assault weapon, a single-handed plasma gun, and a sword for close-quarters combat. The sword is not seen an any episode but depicted and described in the book The World of the Orville as a double-bladed sword for close combat.

Education Edit

Krill children are educated in space vessels such as destroyers, exposing the children to warfare on the ship and indoctrinating them into the Krill's military society. A classroom consists of roughly a dozen pupils led by a single teacher.

Language Edit

Krill language is far more developed than in other species encountered by the Planetary Union. A description of the writing system and its phonology are revealed in the book The World of the Orville, as well as a working name of the language "Krillain."[4]

The language has a simple consonantal series with several surprising features: no nasals such as [m] and [n] (which is extremely rare), no indication of aspiration, and no [ʒ] on its own but it does appear in the larger co-articulated stop [d͡ʒ].

Bilabial Labio-dental Dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Velar
Stops voiceless [p] [t] [k]
voiced [b] [d] [g]
Fricatives voiceless [f] [θ] [s]
voiced [v] [ð] [z]
Affricates [d͡ʒ]

Krillain sports a much more varied and larger vocalic series than the one found in the consonants. Note that some phonemes occur only as long vowels, and others as short, but not both; further, that [ʊ] and [a] occur only in diphthongs and not independently.

Front Near-front Central Back
Close [i:]
Near-close [ɪ]
Mid [ə]
Open-mid [ɛ] [ɜ:] [ɔ:] , [ʌ]
Near-open [æ]
Open [ɑ:] , [ɒ]

There is a small number of diphthongs: [ɪə], [eɪ], [ɑɪ], [ɛa], and [ɑʊ].

While the phonology makes sense of many Krill names and terms (e.g., Coja [ko.d͡ʒa]); confusingly, the published Krill sound system does not align with several established Krill words. According to the phonology published above, there are no sounds for [j], [ɻ], [l], [h], and the nasal [n] (which is very rare across languages).

  • The name Yakar [ja.kaɻ] contains two phonemes considered non-existant by Krill phonology.
  • Anhkana [] has two instances of [n].
  • The name Teleya [tə.leɪ.ja] contains [l] and [j].
  • Captain Haros [he.ɻos] contains the aspirant [h], which is also implied in the spelling of Anhkana, and [ɻ].

Therefore, it may be that the sound system revealed by the official book is incomplete, and does not list all the phonemes in Krillain.

Currently, there is no translation of Krill texts.

Conflict with the Planetary Union Edit

The Krill are adversaries of the Planetary Union, though the Union has been careful to avoid an official declaration of war. Krill are responsible for a number of military strikes and raids on Union territory, and take a keen interest in Union technologies.

Some time in 2418, the Krill seed a spy in the Epsilon Science Station of Epsilon 2 in the person of a lab technician, Derek Ashton. Station physicists working on quantum field technologies develop a quantum accelerator, a device capable of rapidly aging anything within a "quantum bubble."

In September, 2419, Ashton calls for the Krill, who bring a cloaked Krill destroyer to the planet and raid the Station. Though the destroyer does capture the device, the Union vessel USS Orville manages to destroy the ship.

Later that year, the Yakar conquers the Union colony of Chara 3 and kills its settlers. A different, unnamed destroyer attacks the USS Druyan, but is defeated by the intervening Orville. The Kakov attempts to raid the colony planet Kastra 4 but is destroyed by the Orville. Dozens of Union settlers are confirmed killed.

A shuttle recovered from the Kakov is used by Union agents Captain Ed Mercer and Helmsman Gordon Malloy to infiltrate the Yakar. The Yakar's current mission is to test a new prototype bomb on the colony planet of Rana 3. Mercer and Malloy manage to manipulate the computers of the ship to emit very strong blasts of light, killing all inhabitants on board save Mercer, Malloy, a handful of schoolchildren and their teacher Teleya. The Yakar's is captured and currently under Union possession. The children are returned to their home world; Teleya is assumed to be in Union custody.


Old Wounds Edit

In September, 2419, a Krill destroyer attempts to seize quantum field technology developed by the science station on Epsilon 2. Their efforts are thwarted when the USS Orville triggers the device aboard the destroyer, causing the ship to break apart.

One survivor, who had secretly boarded a shuttle to the Orville, remains in custody after his ship is lost.

Command Performance Edit

The simulated Captain of a decoy USS Blériot claims that the vessel was attacked by a Krill destroyer. In fact, the fake ship is created by the Calivon to lure unsuspecting species into their zoo and the Krill are among the captive specimens.

If the Stars Should Appear Edit

A Krill destroyer attacks the colony transport USS Druyan, forcing the Orville to leave its watch at the Dorahl bioship to intercept them. Thanks to daring maneuvers executed by Navigator John LaMarr, the Krill ship is destroyed with only minor casualties.

Krill Edit

The Krill raid the colony on Chara 3, where they captured at least one Human to serve as a ritual sacrifice.

Soon after, the Orville received a distress call from the new colony on Kastra 4, which is bombarded from orbit by a Krill battle cruiser Kakov, the third Krill attack in a month. The Kakov is destroyed by the intervening Orville, and one of the ship's shuttles is recovered by the Union in the aftermath.

Krill soldier older

An older concept sketch of a Krill soldier. Note the significant differences in appearance.

Admiral Ozawa orders Captain Ed Mercer and Lieutenant Gordon Malloy to use the captured shuttle to infiltrate another Krill vessel and obtain a copy of the Krill holy text Anhkana.

Thanks to Kaylon holographic technology, Mercer and Malloy manage to rendezvous with a Krill destroyer called Yakar, disguised as Krill crewmembers "Chris" and "Devin". Their mission plans change upon discovering that the Yakar is headed to the farming colony on Rana 3 in order to test their prototype neutron field generator.

Mercer and Malloy overload the ship's lights to produce lethal levels of UV radiation, wiping out the entire crew, save for a teacher named Teleya and her students, who were safe in a classroom where lights were destroyed. Mercer and Malloy pilot the destroyer into Union space.

New Dimensions Edit

In mid-2420, a Horbalak smuggler named Blavaroch manages to steal 20 crates of Blaster Rifles from the Krill.

Production Edit

The Krill are the primary, recurring antagonists of the Planetary Union, and one of the first alien species designed. From the beginning of the show, the Krill were designed to be a highly religious species and a metaphor of fundamentalist religions on 21st century Earth. Together with the people of the Dorahl bioship and the multiphasic planet, the Krill are part of three species of Season 1 that tell the dangers of dogmatic religious belief. As cinematographer Marvin Rush explained, "The Krill are very religious in a way for instance that ISIS or ISIL is. . . . We're not saying this is the story of ISIS, we're not telling that story, but there's a corrupting effect that religion can have."[5]

Design of the Krill was heavily influenced by the classic film Nosferatu. More specifically: their sensitivity to light and their vampiric appearance. Visual Effects Artist Howard Berger recalls that "we did a series of design work on them--Seth [MacFarlane] said they're vampiric, they should be pale, black eyes and scary."[6]

Krill costumes have three generic types: adult male, adult female, and child. Berger notes: "We came up with a male and female version and a child version because there's an episode [Krill] with children, and on that episode we ended up doing 111 Krill in eight days."[4] Only particularly important Krill characters received unique prosthetic masks, such as Chris, Haros, and Teleya.

Artists designing the Krill chose to contrast the Krill people against Krill architecture by aiming for "polar opposites." The grey and blue-grey skin of the Krill moved the production team to design Krill architecture that is very dark; the gentle ridges on Krill bodies meant sharp angles on the walls; the soft skin of the Krill led to hard, metallic surfaces and harsh lighting.[4]

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References Edit

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