Season 1 of The Orville first aired on September 10, 2017, with 8.56 million viewers, the most-watched debut on Fox since Empire in 2015.[1] It was renewed for a second season on November 2 of that year.[2] Because of the show's elaborate production costs, The Orville was intended for a limited 13-episode run. However, on November 14, Fox confirmed that it would change the original Season 1 finale to a Season 2 premiere.[3] While Fox did not comment on its decision, the move is not unusual for the company.

Production Edit

Filming each episode took an average of eight days.[4]

List of episodesEdit

Count Season Episode ID Code Title Airdate Rating[5] Notes
001 01 01 S01E01 1LAB01 Old Wounds 2017-09-10 2.73/8.56 Pilot.
Commander Ed Mercer gets promoted to captain of a ship, the USS Orville. Mercer's ex-wife is assigned as his First Officer. The Krill attempt to steal powerful Union technology.
002 01 02 S01E02 1LAB03 Command Performance 2017-09-14 2.17/6.63 Third series production, fourth-produced episode overall.
When Mercer and Grayson are trapped in a replica of their old apartment, inexperienced Alara Kitan is placed in the captain's chair.
003 01 03 S01E03 1LAB04 About a Girl 2017-09-21 1.1/4.05
The Orville visits Bortus's planet. Bortus and Klyden make a controversial request that sends the crew into a tailspin.
004 01 04 S01E04 1LAB02 If the Stars Should Appear 2017-09-28 1.05/3.7 First series production.
The crew intercept a bioship about to drift into a star.
005 01 05 S01E05 1LAB05 Pria 2017-10-05 0.91/3.43
The Orville saves the attractive Pria Lavesque, but Kelly Grayson is suspicious of her motives.
006 01 06 S01E06 1LAB06 Krill 2017-10-12 0.99/3.37
Gordon Malloy and Mercer infiltrate a Krill destroyer to obtain a copy of the Krill holy text.
007 01 07 S01E07 1LAB07 Majority Rule 2017-10-26 1.21/4.18
A landing party explore a parallel Earth at the dawn of the 21st-century level of culture and technology, which exercises an extreme form of democracy.
008 01 08 S01E08 1LAB08 Into the Fold 2017-11-02 1/3.83
The Finns and Isaac are stranded on an unknown moon.
009 01 09 S01E09 1LAB09 Cupid's Dagger 2017-11-09 1.04/3.69
Darulio returns to cause havok during tense war negotiations
010 01 10 S01E10 1LAB10 Firestorm 2017-11-16 0.93/3.32
A crew member dies, forcing Alara Kitan to question whether she is fit for command.
011 01 11 S01E11 1LAB11 New Dimensions 2017-11-23 0.9/3.63
The ship is crippled by a spatial anomaly. Meanwhile, Mercer must decide who to promote to Chief Engineer.
012 01 12 S01E12 1LAB12 Mad Idolatry 2017-11-30 1.2/4.2 Season 1 finale.
The crew discovers a planet from another universe. Ed and Kelly consider getting back together.

Reception Edit

The Orville Slider

Above, the first season's promotional teaser image.

The premier opened to mostly negative reviews by critics who said the show did not know whether it wanted to be a comedy or a serious science fiction drama. As of December 7, 2017, the show 21 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and critic reviews are 36 percent positive according to Metacritic.

However, viewer response has been mostly positive. Users on IMDB rate The Orville 7.9/10.


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