Lysella is a barista from Sargas 4. In the episode Majority Rule, Lysella aides the USS Orville in their rescue of Lieutenant John LaMarr.


Majority RuleEdit

See also: Episode Seven: Majority Rule.
While looking for two disappeared anthropologists, Lewis and Tom, a ground team from the Orville enters a coffee shop. The barista Lysella flirts with LaMarr before LaMarr's own badge receives hundreds of thousands of downvotes. Shocked, she ejects the entire team from the shop.

Later, Lieutenant Alara Kitan and Doctor Claire Finn find Lysella in the coffee shop in the hopes that she can lead them to the Sargan government's "base of operations." Before they can speak, however, Kitan is accosted by Kelvic man who is angry with her for wearing a traditional Kelvic headpiece. Kitan and Finn retreat to the shop's restroom. Lysella enters to tell them the man has left and sees that Kitan is not Sargan.

Kitan and Finn explain to Lysella that they, along with LaMarr, are from another world, and need to rescue him. Lysella is shuttled to the Orville's ship, where she explains how the world's voting system works. She assists Isaac upload manipulative, fake videos of LaMarr to the Master Feed in order to change public opinion of him.

Once LaMarr is released, Lysella is returned to her world. The episode concludes with Lysella deciding not to cast a downvote on the Master Feed, recalling the advice she received from the Orville crew about the difference between opinion and knowledge.


Lysella is outgoing: she enjoys parties and socializing with her cadre of friends. Based on the state of her quarters, she is neat and orderly. After discovering the alien origin of Kitan and Finn, she quickly finishes a (presumably alcoholic) beverage in moments.

Lysella is portrayed as a typical Sargan, blithely unaware that their voting system permanently damages individuals based solely on public disapproval. At the start of the episode, she uses upvotes and downvotes liberally to punish or reward people for qualities she likes. For example, Lysella vows to downvote a woman named Jesala who did not return a borrowed, unidentified item, and quickly upvotes LaMarr based on his attractive appearance alone. However, by the episode's end she no longer participates in the voting system, having grown as a character.


  • Lyssella is the planet's only Sargan to see the USS Orville.