"Your entire species is male, isn't it?"
"That is correct, sir."
"So, there's probably not a lot of arguments about leaving the toilet seat up and that kind of thing, right?
" Ed Mercer and Bortus[source]
The Moclans are a single-gender humanoid race, affiliated with the Planetary Union.


Molcans possess light brown skin, their distinct features are their cranial ridges that run along the sides of their head and at the center. Their urinary system is interesting seeing as they urinate once per year. They reproduce by laying eggs, the gestation period requires the parent to sit on it until it hatches, which is approximately 21 days.

While they are declared as a single gender species, a female Moclan is born, on rare occasions, every 75 years.

They are also revealed to be able to eat anything, due to the species having evolved to draw nourishment from a large variety of organic and inorganic matter.


They identify themselves as male. Despite being a single gendered species, Molcans do take mates.


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