"I hate this planet. They've completely industrialized the entire surface. It's amazing they can even breathe." Dr. Claire Finn[source]

Moclus is a planet and member of the Planetary Union. It is the home of the all-male Moclan species. Moclus is notable as its surface is entirely industrialized.


According to Lieutenant Bortus the historical atmosphere of Moclus is extremely harsh.[1] The modern surface of Moclus consists almost exclusively of industrial factories and huge urban metropolises.[2] Because of this, the atmosphere of Moclus is covered in a dense smog said to make the planet difficult for non-Moclans to breath in. The only areas of the planet not dominated by industry are long ranges of mountains.

The planet has a burgeoning military, which openly conducts tests in public. Like Earth of the 25th century, the planet is ruled by a unified government and operates according to laws controlled by its judicial system. At least one political position and agency are known, the Minister of Internal Affairs. Moclan courts are public, and involve a presiding judge as a determiner of law, a jury of peers as a finder of fact, and advocates for the respective parties.[3]


They are entirely male, though at least three female Moclans are known to have existed.[4][5][6] Despite being a single gendered species, Molcans do take mates.


Captain Ed Mercer holds a latchcomb, the ball of a popular Moclan game.

  • Apsada is an aged drink favored by Moclans.[2] It grows into a parasite within the body, producing intensely pleasurable sensations.
  • Moclans play a game called latchcomb, which is similar to the terrestrial game “hot potato.”[2] It involves a group of people throwing an elongated ball vaguely resembling an egg. After a random period of time, a dagger projects rapidly from the orb, impaling the hand of whoever its holder. Surviving players shout “latchcomb."


  • According to Captain Ed Mercer of the USS Orville, Moclus is roughly two weeks from their present location at maximum speed.[3] Their location is later identified by Minister Kaybrak as near the Pleiades Cluster. Because the Orville is capable of speeds up to 10 light years per hour,[7] that means that Moclus is located about 336 light years from the Pleiades Cluster.


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