The Navarians are a species who were engaged in a long dispute with the Bruidians focused on the planet Lopovius within the Planetary Union.


Navarians are mostly humanoid creatures. They have no body hair and their skin appears to be largely grey with the exception of their scalps, which are purple. All shown Navarians have bone growths emerging from the side of their heads.

They enjoy meals of Cavellian spiceroot.

Culture Edit

The Navarians are described as "slender, reserved, and a little sarcastic," but also subtle and intelligent.[1] They speak a language that is similar to the Bruidians'.

Their hatred of the Bruidians is infamous, and they can be at once both terrible and menacing to the Bruidians while gracious and kind to other species. At least one space-capable Navarian vessel is identified, the Navarian cruiser.



References Edit

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