New Dimensions is the eleventh episode of the first season of The Orville. An encounter with a bizarre spatial anomaly damages the USS Orville, which is left stranded in space. Meanwhile, Chief Engineer Steve Newton departs the Orville and Captain Ed Mercer must decide who to promote to Newton's empty seat.

The episode was written by Seth MacFarlane, considered a strong character-developing episode centered around Navigator John LaMarr. Kelly Cronin directed and Andrew Cottee composed the score, New Dimensions being the only episode they worked on in these roles.

Though New Dimension's network ratings were on par for the show's Season 1 average, the reception from general audiences and professional critics alike were strongly positive. The episode is now one of the highest-rated of the show, praised for its strong characters and original plot.

Teaser Edit

Fox released a 30 second promotional teaser on November 16, 2017. Commander Kelly Grayson asks LaMarr and Helmsman Gordon Malloy: "At any point, did you consider the possibility that what you did was stupid?" To which LaMarr and Malloy hesitantly reply "no." Scenes of action play and a narrator says, "On the next all-new Orville, the crew enters a dimension unlike anything they've seen before." Doctor Claire Finn sees something off camera (the dead Horbalak smuggler Blavaroch) and says, "Oh, my God." More action sequences fly by (some from previous episodes) and Mercer concludes, "Alright, let's move fast."

The Orville Promo "New Dimensions"

The Orville Promo "New Dimensions"

Plot Synopsis Edit

Act 1 Edit

LaMarr Dann Malloy

Lieutenants Gordon Malloy and John LaMarr clue Dann in on their prank on Yaphit.

The crew of the Orville gathers in the Mess Hall for a good-bye party for Lieutenant Commander Newton, leaving the ship to design a space station under the Planetary Union. Meanwhile, Malloy and LaMarr snicker place a piece of Lieutenant Yaphit's body into the nearby buffet.

Yaphit feels discomfort after losing a piece of his own body and goes to Sick Bay to see Doctor Finn. Second Officer Bortus enters and complains of "digestive discomfort." The trio figure out that Bortus ate a piece of Yaphit, and that Malloy and LaMarr are likely responsible.

Commander Grayson scolds LaMarr and Malloy and places formal reprimands on each of their records. While looking at their personnel files she pauses, stunned: "You got to be kidding me."

Act 2 Edit

Grayson goes to Captain Mercer and shows him LaMarr's academic background. LaMarr's achievements at Union Point were "off the charts." Grayson suggests LaMarr be promoted to Newton's old position of Chief Engineer. Mercer concedes that LaMarr is brilliant, perhaps the most intelligent member of the crew after Isaac, but also inexperienced and immature.

Suddenly, the ship is rocked by a spatial anomaly. The ship is partially damaged. With Mercer's blessing, Grayson assigns LaMarr to work with Isaac is assigned to scan the anomaly to study and map it. LaMarr and Isaac find Yaphit and the three begin scanning the ship for structural damage from the anomaly. Oddly, they find that plants in a room of the ship have died.

Grayson petitions Mercer again to promote LaMarr. Mercer had chosen Yaphit, but Grayson convinces him to give LaMarr a chance to prove himself. However, Grayson slips that she asked Admiral Halsey to promote Mercer to Captain of the Orville, which wounds Mercer's pride. She apologizes for not telling him the truth and leaves, but the damage to their professional relationship was done.

Act 3 Edit


"I don't take orders from Union goons!" To his own peril, the Horbalak smuggler Blavaroch dismisses Captain Ed Mercer's warnings.

"Look, I don't want to mince words . . . I just want to know the truth," a distraught Mercer petitions Halsey by call. Halsey assures him that, while Grayson did recommend Mercer, he has proven himself qualified for the job.

LaMarr is then called into Grayson's office where she assigns him control of the Science and Engineering task force to study the spatial anomaly. She asks why he does not "make productive use" of his intelligence. LaMarr insists that he wants simple life free of stress and worries.

Meanwhile, on the main deck, the crew tries to warn a Horbalak smuggling ship to avoid the spatial anomaly, but its Captain is convinced the Union ship is lying. The Horbalak ship passes through the anomaly and emerges intact but adrift, its systems offline and no life signs found. A small away team enters the ship by shuttle only to find the Captain dead.

Act 4 Edit

In the Horbalak ship's Cargo Hold, Kitan discovers 20 crates of stolen Krill Plasma Rifles. The crew realizes they are "sitting on a Krill lightning rod."

Back on the Orville, Mercer is still upset that he got his job only because Grayson fought for him before the Union Admiralty, which he interprets as a hand-out from his ex-wife. Yaphit is upset with Mercer for LaMarr's recent attention from command; he accuses Mercer of discrimination against gelatinous persons and leaves in a storm.

A nervous LaMarr stands outside the Engineering deck. Malloy encourages him to "break the ice" with a bowl of gum drops. LaMarr attempts Maloy's suggestion with Engineering but Yaphit lashes out at John, saying they should be working instead. LaMarr agrees and they start their to research of the anomaly.

Poring over the data recovered from Engineering, Isaac and LaMarr realize "the quantum phasing signature of the anomaly does not conform to the Universal Constant" and that the anomaly is "a doorway."

Act 5 Edit

The pair explain to the Bridge crew that the doorway is an opening to a two-dimensional reality. The plants and the Horbalak Captain died because they were compressed into two-dimensional space.

From the Bridge, Bortus informs the commanders that Krill ships are on their way to reclaim their stolen goods. With 14 minutes until the Krill arrive and the engines still offline, LaMarr and Yaphit conceive they go through the anomaly via a protective "quantum bubble" which would maintain three-dimensions inside. Mercer gives the go-ahead and, fortunately, the plan works.

Act 6 Edit

Ed Kelly 2-dimensional space

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Commander Kelly Grayson and Mercer witness two-dimensional space from the window in Mess Hall.

The Bridge crew marvels at two-dimensional space and the two-dimensional lifeforms that live within. While the ship can leave the anomaly into normal space, Mercer orders they wait several more hours for the Krill to leave.

Mercer relaxes in the Mess Hall when Grayson approaches him. He talks about his discontentment with her recommending him for his position but Grayson grows frustrated: everyone gets to where they are thanks to the help of others, "so what's so wrong with speaking up?"

The Orville is rocked by tremors as the bubble begins to weaken, yet Engineering cannot return them to normal space as the anomaly's "doorway" to normal space has now closed.

Act 7 Edit

Isaac and LaMarr find another doorway on the other side of the two-dimensional reality. LaMarr explains that he might be able to create a new bubble via a shuttle, which can then drag the Orville. The Orville over over to the doorway and free them before the ship gives out. Mercer demands to pilot the shuttle with LaMarr, feeling the need to prove that he is a capable leader to himself.

In Engineering, several engineers mock Yaphit for the idea of a quantum bubble that now endangers the lives of the ship. LaMarr is incensed, and says that the idea was both his and Yaphit's.

LaMarr and Mercer leave in a shuttle and open a Spatial Conduit over the two vessels, and then drag the Orville by tractor beam to the next aperture to three-dimensional space. While they fly the shuttle, LaMarr talks about his childhood that led to him hiding his own intelligence from the others. Mercer offers LaMarr the position of Chief Engineer to LaMarr: "Kelly was right about you. She was right about a lot of things."

LaMarr Yaphit Chief Engineer

John LaMarr, now Chief Engineer, greets the Engineering section anew and the episode ends.

The quantum bubble begins to give out as before but the Captain and his newly-minted Chief Engineer manage to drag the Orville through the doorway.

Safe in three dimensions and back on the Orville, Mercer apologizes to Grayson for his behavior; he should have thanked her for all she's done for him, not criticize and resent her for it. Grayson gives Mercer a light kiss before he leaves the room.

LaMarr goes to the Engineering and begins to confidently lead his team, embracing his position as the next Chief of Engineering.

Production Edit

Andrew cottee seth macfarlane

Creator Seth MacFarlane and Composer Andrew Cottee together in the studio while the music of New Dimensions is performed and recorded.

Filming was completed sometime in early 2017 under the direction of Kelly Cronin, whose normal position on The Orville is Script Supervisor. Filming took roughly eight days while composer Andrew Cottee's score took three weeks to complete.[1]

Reception Edit

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New Dimensions was well received by TV audiences, and enjoys an 8.2 rating on IMDB.[2] It was watched by 3.63 million viewers in the United States, roughly on par for its Thursday night time slot.[3]

Critical Response Edit

Though critics and general audiences rarely agreed through most of the first season of The Orville, New Dimensions marked a rare consensus between both sides. Michael Ahr awarded New Dimensions 4.5 stars and praised the episode for its "completely unique story" and "impressively deep character development."[4]

Nick Wanserski of the AV Club, who had criticized the show for failing to be consistently good, noted that the run of Into the Fold (the previous episode) and New Dimensions indicated that the show may have hit its stride.[5]

A rare dissent: Jammer of Jammer's Reviews awarded the episode 2.5 out of four stars, calling the writing an "amateurish" attempt to retcon LaMarr's character from a laid-back, underachieving officer into a brilliant prodigy.[6]

Trivia Edit

  • The notion of a quantum bubble is first introduced in Old Wounds when Doctor Aronov explains how the quantum accelerator works. There, the accelerator generates a bubble and time within the bubble is accelerated. Here, a quantum bubble is used to maintain three-dimensional space while inside two-dimensional space.

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