The Orville-verse is the fictional universe in which the TV series The Orville is set, and where the USS Orville exists in. The Orville-verse was created for the purpose of having a milieu setting for the TV show.

The term "Orville-verse" or "OrvilleVerse" or "Orvilleverse" is used on social media to refer to this fictional setting. "The Orville" has been used synonymously for the same purpose, when used to indicate the setting and not the TV show per se. "Orville-verse" has clarity of purpose for this meaning.

Fictional universeEdit

The Orville universe

As of 2017, most of the information about the Orville-verse comes about from the episodes of the TV show. However, some information has come about from the social media accounts for the TV show and series creator Seth MacFarlane.

Physical universeEdit

The universe of The Orville

Within the physical universe created for The Orville, several things are possible that may or may not conflict with the physical reality of the real universe.

  • Dynamic holographic projections are possible, which can interact with scanners to present a faked response. This is possible with Calivon technology and Kaylon technology, seen during (SE01EP02) Episode 2: Command Performance and (SE01EP07) Episode 6: Krill, respectively. Holograms in the real world do not currently interact with reality in this manner.
  • Molecular assembly is possible, as illustrated by the food synthesizers that create food and the serving ware they come on. It is not currently obvious if such technology is praticable.
  • Teleportation is possible, as seen during (SE01EP02) Episode 2: Command Performance, using Calivon technology. It is currently impossible to do so in a practicable manner and may also violate the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.
  • Faster-than-light travel is possible. The Planetary Union is mentioned to use quantum drives on its starships to achieve this feat. In our universe, the speed limit for objects with mass is lightspeed.
  • Wormholes exist and can be traversed by macroscopic objects in non-trivial amounts of time. This is seen in (SE01EP05) Episode 5: Pria. Current theory restricts most wormholes to existing for durations on the order of Planck Time and being small, so as to instantly appear and collapse.
  • Anomalous spacetime configurations connecting distant places together. Spatial folds were seen in (SE01EP08) Episode 8: Into the Fold. This spatial anomaly is not a wormhole, blackhole, domain wall, whitehole, cosmic string, or phase change boundary.

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