"Ensign Parker. Sweet. Go away now."

Alara Kitan to Ensign Parker[source]

Parker is an Ensign and Security Officer aboard the USS Orville. In 2419, he is badly injured by an explosion caused by the Calivon.

History Edit

In late September or early October 2419, Captain Ed Mercer and Commander Kelly Grayson mysteriously vanish and Lieutenant Alara Kitan becomes acting captain of the Orville.

The stress of command nauseates the inexperienced Kitan, and she runs to a sink to vomit where Parker finds her. He confirms that she is well and reminds her of his name, then Kitan brusquely dismisses him.

Later, Parker is badly injured from a Calivon buoy that explodes in space between the Orville's spatial tensor coils and the Shuttle Bay. Doctor Claire Finn reports that Parker will survive.

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