Pria Lavesque is a Human antique collector from the 29th century who traveled to the year 2419 through a stable wormhole in order to save The Orville and sell it at a high value in her own timeline.



The Orville responds to a distress call from a Consortium mining ship that is headed towards the gravitational pull of a star. The Orville sends a shuttle to retrieve Captain Lavesque and succeeds. After Pria is saved, she stays on board The Orville. Meanwhile, Commander Grayson asks the Orville's computer to find Pria Lavesque in Consortium databases, and she is not found. This arouses suspicion among the commander, but Captain Mercer does not believe her to be any harm.

After this, The Orville encounters a lethal dark-matter storm. Pria insists she can pilot through the storm. Captain Mercer allows Pria to pilot the ship, and she does so successfully.


  • Claims to have grown up in Massachusetts close to where Ed Mercer did. Though due to her deceptive nature it's unknown how much of what she claimed was true.
  • She is a vegetarian.


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