quantum drive in progress

The Quantum Drive is the main propulsion system of The Orville as well as most Planetary Union starships. Its power source is dysonium.

Principle Edit

Space, at the deepest level, is quantized, like the energy levels in atoms. On that basis, the quantum drive allows manipulation of the fabric of space allowing faster than light travel.

Drive Edit

The drive needs quantum phase inducers and containment regulators to function. Each drive uses two phase inducers.

Examples Edit

The quantum drive setup aboard the Orville is a three-drive setup. The ship can travel at ten light years per hour.


  • The drive's setup can be compared with other Science Fiction drives of known speed. Compared to Star Trek's USS Voyager, that needs around a century to travel 70,000 light years, or 2.739 light years a day, the Orville can travel ten light years a hour, or 240 light years a day, a factor of almost 88.

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