"We will be carrying out the will of Avis when we destroy Rana 3." Teleya[source]
Rana 3 is a defenseless farming colony of the Planetary Union with a population of over 100,000 people as of 2419. Using a prototype neutron field generator, theoretically capable of destroying all life on a continent within a matter of minutes, installed aboard the destroyer Yakar, the Krill planned to test it by wiping out the colony. Fortunately, Union officers Ed Mercer and Gordon Malloy were operating undercover on the Yakar and, upon learning of the plan, proceeded to stop the deployment as the destroyer entered orbit of Rana 3. Realizing that the Krill were sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, Mercer and Malloy managed to overload the ship's lights to produce a level lethal to the Krill, wiping out the vast majority of the crew. Mercer and Malloy then piloted the destroyer to rendezvous with the USS Orville.


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