"You know what they are? They got the blue skin; they got the scales; the stuff that comes out of the forehead. It's, like, a whole weird mess." Ed Mercer on Retepsians[source]
Retepsians are a race of space flight-capable humanoids of the planet Retepsia. Currently, the only known Retepsian is Darulio, a forensic archaeologist employed by the Planetary Union.

Culture Edit

According to Darulio, Retepsian culture considers it rude to decline offers of sexual intercourse.[1]

Physiology Edit

Retepsians are roughly the same height, shape, and physique as Humans. Unlike Humans, however, Retepsians are hairless, have blue skin and cleft ears, and feature a column of prominent ridges down the center of their foreheads.[2]

At least male Retepsians are known to eject a blue liquid from their foreheads during intercourse and, when in heat, produce a powerful pheromone through skin contact, which induces lust and mania.[3]

Retepsians can emit a loud noise from their mouths, similar in sound to the squawk of a parrot or macaw.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • Gelatinous creatures like Lieutenant Yaphit are passive carriers of Retepsian pheromones.


References Edit

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